On workout “cycles…”

So last night I hit up Group Kick – a class I not only love, love, love, but am also certified to teach, as you know. My sis and I reacted the exact same way to the class last night. Which totally inspired this very blog post.

Our reaction? 

In a word: “Meh.”

It was just ok. And at first I wasn’t sure why.
I thought well – maybe I was tired (truth). Or, I don’t love the new release as much as previous releases (truth). Or, maybe it was simply just an “off” workout for me (maybe?). They aren’t all going to be rockstar, right?

As soon as I mentioned it to my sis, she agreed, 100%. <—shocking, right? 

SO, in talking about all the reasons why we felt so “meh” afterwards, we came to an interesting conclusion. My sis mentioned the whole concept of workout “cycles.”

YES! That’s it exactly: whether we know it or not, we all go through workout “cycles.” Cycles where we love a particular workout, cannot get enough of it. And months later – we’ve moved onto something else.

For me, this has happened much more often for me than I realized (until I started writing this post, even)

…it’s happened with weight training. (and came flooding back, as you’ve seen here)

…it’s happened a million times with core work. (thank you Core Fusion, and now, Barre N9NE!)

…it’s happened with cardio, even. (until a particularly killer Ride class lures me back in).

…it’s happened with running.(thank you running mojo for slowly coming back!)

But one workout that never seemed to be impacted was Kick.
Until now.

I mean, sure – after the high of getting certified kind of “wore off,” I was maybe slightly less kick-crazy, but I still loved it. I still love it even though I don’t teach anymore. And until last night, I still loved getting to class at least once per week for a nice ass-kicking workout.

But apparently, it’s time for me to push Kick aside for a bit. A little time away may do me some good – and let’s be honest, timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the Barre N9NE challenge starting next week, I surely will not have time for a workout I’m not even digging all that much lately. So, I’m ready to say “goodbye” (for now) to Kick, in favor of new challenges. I’m pretty sure Kick will be back in my life in some shape or form soon, but for now, I’m at peace with it.

Does this whole concept of workout “cycles” make sense and/or resonate with you? Or am I one of few that tends to cycle through workout loves now and then? I sure hope I’m not in the minority on this one – especially since I firmly believe that switching it up is the best way to continually see results, and to stick to workouts consistently. But I’m anxious to hear what you think? Discuss, please. 🙂

21 thoughts on “On workout “cycles…”

  1. I go through workout cycles, just not as you mentioned. I usually get the “meh” feeling at the beginning, or the “I don’t want to do this; I’d rather be on my couch/in my bed/reading a book/etc” cycles. Once I stick with it for a while, I may grow to love it, or realize it’s not just me being lazy and I really don’t like this.

    I haven’t hit a cycle with yoga. There are days I don’t want to get started, but I am always glad I did. Right now, I hate running, yet I go every other day, and I’m happy I did once I finish. Once all of the “I don’t want to do anything” wears off, we’ll see if I like it, or if it’s really just not my thing.

    • YES – that’s another type of workout “cycle” in my mind. The OMG I reallllllly don’t want to do this workout, reallllly don’t wannna. But once you get going, nine times out of ten (if not ten times out of ten!), you are happy you got ‘er done afterall.

  2. this COMPLETELY makes sense to me! for a while I was VERY into yoga – going to 3-4 classes a week. this was easier because my favorite teacher was at the wellness clinic I managed… but still, I stopped going as often well before I left the clinic.

    it has happened with weight lifting too, and running. never with tennis. 🙂

    • that’s a good reason for that particular “cycle” to end too – a favorite instructor that made the class WORTH sticking with is a huge reason to switch things up. I’ve done that too…an instructor can totally make or break a class experience, for sure.

      I didn’t realize you were into tennis – my husband LOVES it and keeps telling me he’ll “teach me” but has yet to really pay that one off. Yet. 😉

  3. So glad you blogged on this. I was thinking about this the entire time we were at Kick!!! I love the workout cycles and waves. It keeps things fresh, ya know?

  4. This TOTALLY makes sense to me! I’m obsessed with yoga and road biking right now, but I used to be all about running, weight training and Pilats.

    I figure if it keeps me active, I’ll take it. And I’ll probably cycle back around at some point.

  5. I know exactly what you are talking about. I had a point in my life when I a lot of pilates. Then it was hot yoga. Then I moved onto running 5 miles/day. Then a spinning period. But in all of the above I got bored after a while. Finally I discovered Physique 57 and its been 4 years and I haven’t looked back. I think variety is key. Physique 57 keep changing up its choreography, as I am sure Core Fusion etc must also. This ensures that you don’t plateau and and that way you keep seeing changes in your body. I think thats what keeps people coming back.

    • Sam, you pretty much summed me up right here, except I have only been doing barre style workouts for about a year. At one point, a few months in, I went back to one of my old kettlebell classes and it just felt like the biggest waste of time! I know it wasn’t, but I left wanting to go to Core Fusion to do my “real” work out.

      Jess, I’m totally curious to see how you and your sister feel after this adventure!

      • Isn’t it crazy how that happens – you probably used to LOVE kettlebells before and now it’s just a “meh” workout for you compared to Core Fusion. It astounds me how we cycle through workout “loves” that way!

  6. This makes perfect sense. I used to be all step and nothing but step. Now….um running of all things??? And I used to just so so about spin, and now I’m going at least once a week. Change can be good. It can keep you motivated and excited.

    • Isn’t that so funny how things change – and often without us even realizing it until way way after the fact? Change can be awesome! I’m so glad you are adding spin into your routine, it’s great for cross-training (saves those knees!).

  7. Totally get the “cycles!” I feel like my cycles are when the, “I don’t feel like it” take over my brain more than the, “Just get it done!”

    With that, I’m currently trying to convince myself to attend tonight’s “Total Body Conditioning” class for 75 minutes….(I’m not an afternoon/evening type worker-outer, which is weird because when I played basketball, that was always when practice was…)

  8. Great post and so true, I definitely go through cycles of loving types of workouts such as pure strength training only and hiit workouts and then mixing it all up and doing circuit type workouts and more stretch types workouts. I’ve done two workouts so far from Supreme 90, not totally sure what I think of the programme yet, I’ll try a few more and let you know. Great price for the programme- it was only 20 dollars for 10 dvd workouts. Best of luck with the challenge next year, it looks like it will be really good.

  9. Oh this definitely resonates with me. The problem is I wasn’t as savvy as you, and so didn’t realise that it was time to set my current routine to one side and try something new. I just carried on let the whole thing go stale. Yet ANOTHER reason why being sick and having so much time off (3 weeks and counting!) has helped me — that kind of perspective allows you to let go of old habits and (hopefully) enter a new (more chilled out!) cycle.

    You sister is very wise!

  10. Workout cycles make total sense! I was so addicted to Les Mills and group exercise classes and now I feel the same way, “meh.” Now I’m really into swimming, and feel a renewed interest in strength training. I keep waiting for the cycle to end on running, but so far, it hasn’t…training for races are just too addicting!

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