Coupla foodie changes…

So. Even though the Barre N9ne 60-day challenge doesn’t technically start until Thursday of this week, in my mind today is day #1, especially on the foodie front. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of those foodie changes I alluded to in my post this weekend.

One of those changes? I’m weaning myself off of fake sweeteners like splenda. Although it’s a fake sugar with negligible calories, it still sends a hunger signal to your body soon after ingesting it (this is my very non-technical description, mind you). I figure, if I can get away from foods with splenda in it (and splenda itself), I’ll be doing myself a favor now that I’m back to being more accountable, eats-wise.

What does this mean for my daily eats? No more splenda in my morning iced venti coffee from starbucks. No more crystal light (which I love, not gonna lie) and no more flavored sparkling water. I love all of these things because they have flavor with few calories. But, if it’s ultimately not doing me any favors long-term, I can definitely do without them. So far, I’ve nixed the splenda in my morning coffee (cold turkey, baby) and it’s not too bad. I will admit – I do have a sparkling water to drink later and will still drink it. But only because my husband bought them for me this weekend and I’d hate to waste them (seriously, that’s the only reason, as lame as that sounds!).

Another change? The food log. And I’m actually finding that I’m embracing it so far, in mind and in body. I refuse to let it control me in the way that it used to. I want to use it as a tool for keeping me accountable, mainly on the weekends. And that is it. Nothing more. I made a promise to myself: if the food log starts to drive me crazy, I will admit it and figure out how to fix it vs. letting it stew in the background.

And honestly? I know I eat very healthy during the week and am proud of what’s in the log for the day so far (sharing it here as an example only):

  • Iced coffee with skim milk
  • half serving of plain almonds on the ride into work (which was 90 mins today btw, oof)
  • one packet of plain oatmeal with one TB of peanut butter and sliced banana
  • Low-carb wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato and baby belle cheese with a squirt of mustard
  • baby carrots with 2 tb roasted red pepper hummus
  • apple
  • chobani (black cherry, yippee!)

This will get me through until dinnertime tonight. And you know what? This is exactly what I would be eating regardless of the 60-day challenge and regardless of the food log (I’ll be using FitDay, btw). Not too shabby. And like I said – it’s the weekends that can be tricky for me. I KNOW that I need to make some changes, face some habits, etc. And I’m ready for that. I won’t promise it’ll be easy though. In fact, I’m pretty sure that part will be rather painful. 😉

What I’m most excited for, though? These workouts! Ahhh! I’m doing one barre class tomorrow night (with fab friend, Michele, woo!) and then Thursday is when the “real” challenge begins (hello long & lean legs and barre n9ne method express!). Bring. It. On. 

On that note – have you had to face any habits head-on lately? Food, fitness, or otherwise? How did you break the habit (or make a new one, as the case may be)? I’m all ears. 

30 thoughts on “Coupla foodie changes…

  1. I am so much more aware of what I am eating now. I hate to admit that I wasn’t before. But it’s true. This will be good for us. Gonna be a challenge for me in vegas the next few days, but I’ll manage 😉 Yay for Thurs!

  2. I love me some flavored sparkling water and splenda! Key lime and Mixed Berry flavors are my fav.

    I used to use splenda in EVERYTHING, but have recently switched to stevia in the raw and have been using fresh bottled lemon juice vs. crystal light. Mixing ground cinnamon in coffee is also a great way to sweeten it up a bit.

    My biggest habit is gum chewing. I could literally chew a pack of Trident Tropical Twist a day..and I probably have. To help save my jaw, I have been taking out 5 pieces and leaving them in bag, that way I savor each piece longer because I know my stash is low. weird , but it works!

    • Someone else was telling me about stevia in the raw – I need to look into that! though, I’ll say that no splenda in my coffee was far less painful than I thought! I think I can do without so I might as well, right?

      I never thought of the bottled lemon juice idea – that would be tasty mixed into my plan water…or in bubbly seltzer water, even. Great idea, thank you!

      PS. I’m a gum addict too…I try not to eat more than a handful of pieces a day too, what a good idea to keep only five pieces in your bag at a time. Great trick!

  3. I decided to kick a bad Diet Coke habit when changing my eating style because I just knew how bad it was for me. I still enjoy the occasional soda, but it’s not nearly as bad. I honestly feel pretty bad when I drink it. Otherwise, I try to eat whole foods when I’m hungry. Good luck with the challenge!

    • What’s funny is that I was just drinking some of that flavored sparkling water I usually love and for some reason I am NOT digging it today. I don’t know if it’s purely mental since I told myself I’d start to phase that stuff out but I totally am not into it today. That happened to me with Diet Coke too…a few years ago, I decided to give it up and now rarely drink it. The taste isn’t there anymore. Not that I’m complaining about that one! coffee is one thing I don’t think I could give up, I just love it too much!

  4. Good luck with giving up the splenda. I’m guessing splenda is similar to aspartame? Diet coke would be my bad habit, I love it! My healthy eating goes out the window as well if I’ve had a late night. Though I think for myself, it’s all about balance and enjoying the pig outs with friends as long as I eat well most of the time.

    • Thank you! So far it’s not too terrible…but it is only day one afterall.

      You’re right – everything in moderation with balance being the key. For the most part I’ve done that but lately, I’ve taken the “moderation” piece to the other end of the spectrum on the weekends here and there. Not like total pig-outs, but enough that I know I was counterbalancing all the hard work during the week sometimes.

  5. I stopped drinking vitamin water zero and diet coke recently. I have definitely noticed that my cravings for sweets are much lower than before!

    When I go to Sbux, I get a soy latte. They use vanilla soy milk so it’s sweetish.

  6. I nixed the artificial sweetener too and it was tough at first (I used to love Crystal Light too), but after a while when I would take something with sweetener in it, I hated it. I use cane sugar, in moderation of course 🙂

    • It’s so interesting to me how, after the initial shock of it passes, you do grow to no longer love flavors you previously craved. Crazy things our bodies learn/adjust to, over time, right?

  7. I know what you mean about the weekends doing you in! I stopped keeping a food log while I was marathon training since I was burning so many calories, but now I need to reign in my appetite and start being more careful again. Glad you’re doing it too – we can keep ourselves in check!

    • Ugh, it’s the worst…I was doing really well with balance on weekends but somewhere along the way it kind of went out the window. I just hope I can rein it in without losing my sense of balance, you know what I mean?

  8. You seem to be approaching this food logging business with a very clear head, I like. And especially what you say about not letting it stew in the background if it starts becoming a problem.

    As you know, I’ve kicked sugar and caffeine into touch recently. Even before I was ill it was actually easier than I thought. This trick was to have a number of alternatives in place. Since I got sick though I’ve managed to keep off both much longer term. I’m eating the occasional bit of sugar right now (I shared a piece of cake with a friend at the weekend), and still having the odd decaf coffee. I figure being 98% strict is better than 100% and then blowing up.. It’s amazing how powerful habit is though. In the end it was the bout of sickness that broke it good and proper for me, and now I really don’t miss either thing in my diet. Although don’t get me wrong, once I’l definitely fighting fit again, I will no doubt be reintroducing both 😉

    • I’m trying to – I’m already fighting the urge to go into overthinking mode (clearly based on today’s post!)…but trying to maintain balance (in mind and body) during this challenge…which uh, hasn’t even begun yet, and I’m already working on the balance thing. Geeez, I need to relax! This is supposed to be fun and exciting, right??

  9. I think getting away from the fake sweeteners is a good idea. I really like stevia (NuNaturals is one of the best I’ve found). I’ve never really done a food log. I’m afraid it would stress me out – I might start overthinking (go figure right).

    • I know…the food log is something I’m trying very hard to take in stride…and to take as a short-term ONLY thing…long-term I think it would definitely add too much stress (unnecessarily so) to my life.

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