Honesty. Honestly?

<Editor’s note – this is my attempt at total honesty, but I won’t lie, this is an all-over-the-place post…I hope you can follow along despite the rambling…my mind is in a weird place today…>

So I had this huge post worked out in my mind this morning. All about honesty.

Being honest with myself (yes, I could stand to lose a few pounds).

Being honest with you guys (yes, I workout like a fiend, but I haven’t been as honest and/or open on this blog about my more lax take on eats come the weekend…)

Being honest with my husband (yes, I try to avoid negative self-talk, but it’s still there…despite my insistence that it’s not).

But then, I got to thinking – why on earth am I thinking so narrow mindedly?

Honestly? It needs to stop.

Life is so much more than the foods I put in  my body, or the workouts I choose to do or the fact that my running mojo is taking it’s sweet-ass time coming back around. These are all such small things in the grand scheme of life. Tiny. Insignificant, really.

Yet, by blogging about these things, I wonder if I’ve just become too narrow minded, too self-centered introspective, too Overthinker Ollie.

Ir’s clear to me that I need to regain a bit of perspective – yet again – versus letting this overthinking brain of mine focus on the wrong things, or the wrong angle on things.

For example…

…sure,  it’s great to focus on getting fit, living a little bit more healthfully and wholesomely. But instead of putting myself down over it (“damn you, fitblogger – you are such a sham! How can you even claim to be a true fitblogger if you’re admitting that you need to eat better, could stand to lose a few pounds, etc.), I should be giving thanks that I have the opportunity to make any changes in my lifestyle that I want.

Yet – I also have so many wonderful other blessings in my life right now that all of this healthy eating/healthy living talk  just feels so damn insignificant. And I know for a fact that there are loved ones around me that are dealing with far worse right now than my own body image issues, that’s for damn sure. And my heart aches for them. Truly.

So what now? Am I really this narrow minded….lacking in perspective…selfish?

No…at least I don’t think so.
I just lost a little perspective.
And it’s time to get it back – in all facets of my life.