And so it begins…


Last night marked the first day in the 60 day Barre N9NE transformation.

It was exactly what I’d hoped it would be.


The long & lean legs class? Um, hello – EVERYTHING was on fire at one point or another, my ass, my thighs (if you’ve never heard the term “thigh dancing” – trust me, you don’t want to, holy fire in the thighs!), my calves, my ass, oh wait – I said that already. You get the idea. 😉 For those of you wondering what this class is all about, it’s all body weight based – and almost entirely floor work. Yes, floor work. My nemesis. I  have a love-to-hate affair with floor work. But this? This was unreal. And I LOVED it. The groans when Tanya said “hold up – you thought you were done? One more set!” were hysterical – not one of us kept quiet at that point.

And then we met with Tanya. Talked about the food log (which, I gotta be honest, I’m not hating nearly as much as I thought I would…), talked about the next couple of weeks worth of workouts (LOTS of workouts, woohoo!), and yes – we took measurements. I’m excited to see those numbers change – but haven’t decided how much of that I’ll share here. I’ll get back to you on that…

After our meeting, we went into round II – Barre N9ne method express. This is a slightly shorter version of their method class but is so close to the full hour that I didn’t feel like I missed much at all. This was taught by Juliana – who I love, she is so bubbly and energetic, and motivating. Between her and Tanya, we’re gonna have a blast, I’ve decided. I’d call this class the most similar to Core Fusion, for those of you who have taken that class or done that DVD at home. Upper body toning, lower body barre work, stretching and ab work.  Great music, btw.

And then? We were done. With day #1.
Pooped. Starving (the second class ended at 8:15pm).
But done. 

Here’s to day #2, #3, #4…and #60.

Weee! 😉

25 thoughts on “And so it begins…

    • Seriously. The longer I’ve been sitting at my desk today, the MORE my butt is starting to KILL me!! I could definitely go for a epsom bath right about now. 😉

  1. Sounds AMAZING!!! I am so happy you are getting to do this. I wish we had a Core Fusion Express class, I would love to get my workout in less time.

    • It was amazing, Dori!! I loved both classes so much – and really did enjoy the express version of their method class, especially since I was starving by then, ha!

  2. Cool! Well done for completing day 1, glad the food diary log isn’t too bad. This sounds like it’s going to be a really good challenge.

    • I am SO excited to see how the “long and lean” aspect of that legs class works for me – I’ve always had “stumps” for legs (at least I think so), so if anything can lean them out, I think this will. Wahoo!!

  3. I actually really like doing seat work on the ground. Theoretically, one would think that its easier since there’s less of your body weight you are working against but its surprisingly difficult! Sounds like an awesome first day!

  4. i am so stoked for this challenge! i cannot wait to see how you evolve after the 60 days (because I know you will, on so many different levels)!.

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