Me – “refined”

Thanks to a certain blog friend, Melissa – who inspired this very post today. Her “new inspiration” post is what did it. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do.

As you know, I’ve been thinking a lot about my body, the changes I’d like to make, the honesty I’m dealing with in facing some habits and such that I’d like to see change – all thanks to the Barre N9NE challenge my sis and I just kicked off this week.

Well? I’ve come to a conclusion – about what my goal is coming out of this challenge, in just 58 days from now.

I’d like to be me – “refined.”

So what does that mean, exactly?

Similar to what Melissa mentioned in her post today, this is about me looking to simply refine who I am. Sure, this has to do with how I look, but it also has to do with how I feel, perhaps even more so…

I’d like to feel as healthy and strong as I deserve to feel.

I’d like to feel confident in my body, trusting that it’ll never fail me (especially when running when those mind games always kick into high gear for me).

I’d like to look just a little bit more fit – feeling as good as the work that I put into my workouts (and into my eats).

I’d like to feel more like the “me” I’ve always wanted to be, but sort of feel like I’ve always come up just shy of. As if I’ve been holding back a little bit. Not allowing myself to reach as far or as high for the stars…as if I don’t trust myself enough to own whatever it is that I put my mind to. (reminds me of something I heard on Biggest Loser this week about Austin…who always gave up right at the end of whatever challenge he faced – a soccer game, a class assignment, whatever)

You’ll notice that none of this is quantifiable. No numbers. No scales. Nada.
Sure – I was measured earlier this week to see where I’ve made changes in the shape of my body. And that’s fine. But it won’t define “success” for me at the end of this challenge.

Success for me at the end of this challenge is simple…

I want to be “me – refined.”

And I can’t wait to meet her.

23 thoughts on “Me – “refined”

  1. Loving the beach picture! I like the idea of redefined. Or maybe honed is a good word too. Sometimes I think it’s so sad how much pressure we, as women, put on ourselves to be “perfect” or whatever crazy version of that we dream up. I think it’s important that we try to be the best we can be in all aspects of our lives, but sometimes I think we need to learn/remember/figure out how to/ love ourselves as we are.

    • Thanks! I figured it was about time for an update – and the beach, well you know how much I love it (just as much as you!)

      You’re right…nobody can be perfect so why even TRY to go there? I’d rather just live the best life possible (good way of putting it) and be happy, healthy but balanced. I’m so excited for this challenge because it’s doing just that for me – it’s a moment of refinement and personal reflection.

  2. I love this sis! REFINED is exactly right. I can’t wait to meet ‘us’ then too 🙂 It’s going to be a wonderful journey. Thank you for sharing it with me! And love the new background 🙂

    • I was hoping this post would speak to you, sis. Because that’s what this challenge is about – personal triumphs (not competing against one another), refinement, and – best of all, bonding over this amazing experience we are downright lucky to have. I’m loving this. So much.

  3. In terms of making changes I really like this idea. It conjures up an image of tweaking, rather than wholesale change, which seems right in your situation. You’re already in such good shape! I also agree a lot with what Heather said though too. There are times when I catch myself wishing I had more defined abs / was a faster runner / could lift more weight / etc etc, and then I wonder whether I really need any of those things. I already have a figure that I should be happy with, I am fit, I am strong, I can run and climb hills and swim in the sea.. So I’m torn between wanting to refine myself and wanting to just feel happy as I am.

    • That’s exactly right – I’m trying to strike a balance between tweaking what I already have while focusing on a stronger mind/body connection and better overall perception of myself and be happy with who I am today. This is going to be such an interesting 60 days…I anticipate lots of ups and downs but I’m really excited to see what comes of all of this.

  4. I like it “refined” though I think you’re wonderful the way you are. I’m doing something similar but in the form of “simplifying”, I did a big tidy up of old clothes I’m no longer wearing and gave them to the charity shop and I’m trying to let work stress go over my head and not get stressed about things I’ve no control over in work. I’m also going to work out ways of cutting down my loans. At the end of the day, life is really good, my health is good,I feel good, family are well, lots of interesting new people have come into my life including you and I’m going to live in the now and appreciate the simple but important things in life.

    • You are so right- perspective is key. While I do want to see some “refinements” (both outward and inward), at the end of the day, I am happy with “me” – I am just excited to challenge the “me” I am today into the “me” I see myself becoming as part of this journey.

  5. Such a great idea! I want the same kind of thing for myself…to feel that “inner me” shine through the insecurities, etc.

    I can’t wait to see “you” at the end of the 58 days, too!

  6. I think you have such great goals. It’s been so interesting to follow this fitness evolution of yours as you’ve moved from numbers to feelings. This challenge will do incredible things for you. I can already tell!

    • Thank you, Becky! I guess I don’t always “see” myself as going through a fitness evolution but when you point it out that way, as an outside perspective, I guess you are right, who knew?!

  7. LOVE this outlook! Especially the part about no numbers, scales, etc. Just finding the “you” that you is in your heart and soul. SO cheesy, but really, it’s true. We can’t be someone else and trying to be anything other than ourselves is a waste of time, but redefining ourselves is a perfect way to grow and learn. xo

    • Nah, not cheesy at all – that’s exactly what I was trying to get at. I want to be the me I always envision myself being on the inside, but letting her out for all to see, me included. thank you, my friend! xo

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