Barre N9NE – week 1(.5)

First – I have to thank you all for your wonderful comments (yet again!) on my post about refinement. You’ve all been incredibly supportive and helpful and awesome at sharing new perspectives.  Thank you, friends!! 

I have to say – despite the horrid rain-filled forecast this week, I’m feeling good. On a Monday, no less. Why? Well – it’s the first full week of the Barre N9NE challenge – or week 1.5 if you will since late last week kicked off the challenge overall. OH – and before I forget, I added a page to the blog (notice the new layout!) to chronicle my Barre N9NE journey so feel free to go there to backtrack if you’re a newer reader. 🙂

So yes – week 1.5 is ON! And here’s how it looks: 

Sunday – run (roughly 5 miles…the day prior we ran almost 7, I was SO HAPPY, running mojo, I’ve missed you!)
Monday – Barre N9NE method
Tuesday – AM run (rain be damned!); Barre N9NE Lean & Toned
Wednesday – AM or PM run, depending on weather
Thursday – possible run; Barre N9NE long and lean legs (killer!); Barre N9NE barre fusion
Friday – rest
Saturday – either Barre N9NE method or Barre N9NE at the lake (depends on the rain); and possible run

Whew! I’m tired just looking at that line-up…but equally excited to work, work, work this week!

Another plus in my book? After just one week of the food log and I’m LOVING it. I feel more in control and mindful of my eats – not in an obsessive way at all, just mindful. Exactly what I need right now. AND I successfully made it through the weekend (including an impromptu cookout with the in-laws) without overdoing it AND I was able to have some wine to boot. Major win in my book. 😉

Happy Monday friends – have a ‘feeling good kinda day, will ya?  

24 thoughts on “Barre N9NE – week 1(.5)

  1. Yeah for a good Monday!! Glad the food log is working out well for you. Love the new blog design, it looks really good. Just wondered about the barre workouts, do you get muscle soreness during the workouts or more after the workouts?

    • Thank you! I thought it was time for an update, this feels fresh and fun.

      And yes, I usually get some pretty good sized DOMS (especially in the glutes/hamstrings) a day or two later…though the core has been sore lately too, ALL good in my book! We’ll see what *doesn’t* hurt after this week. My money’s on EVERYTHING 😉

  2. I love that your latest challenge incorporates everything that you love about fitness and healthy eating. I can sense your excitement and enthusiasm in every post. Nice work!

    • Seriously, me too – you KNOW how easy it is for me to get caught up in stuff like that. So I’m really, REALLY relieved that it hasn’t been a source of stress for me, so far, at least.

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