Running + barre

Thanks to Alison for giving me an excellent blog post topic for tonight (her comment last night spurred it!). I’m going to try to be brief so I can disconnect properly tonight with the hubs so bear with me on the shortness (ish) of this post.

So here it is:
Running, combined with barre-style workouts, could quite possibly be the best workout combo around.

I know, I know, I’m just barely into week 1.5 of the Barre N9NE 60-day challenge and I can’t stop gushing. But seriously, this whole focus thing of mine is paying off already, I swear.

My running is starting to improve. In fact – I ran my longest run yet for this particular running season (just under 7 miles last Saturday, woot!). I still feel like my running mojo isn’t quite where it was last season (yet!) but I know it’s there – and just knowing/sensing that makes me smile.  BIG smiles.

I’m eating mindfully. Embracing that food log. But not obsessing. Score!

My posture is improving. My core is strengthening. My shaking muscles are lengthening.

But most of all? I’m happy.  Energized. Excited. About what the future holds.

Ok right…this was supposed to be about running, not just my growling cult-like obsession with Barre N9ne and all things barre.

So running. And Barre. Combined. What makes it such a great pair to me is mostly the mental impact vs. physical. I find that I’m being more mindful as I run. I’m paying attention to my legs as they push off the pavement. I’m noticing when my glutes engage on those hills in my neighborhood. I’m keeping my core tight and controlled which makes me feel centered, more confident, more stable, as I run. I’m paying attention to form – a huge component of any barre work is proper form. So the fact that I’m carrying this over into running is a major plus in my book.

As for focus? I am really, really glad I nixed all other cardio work with the exception of running during this challenge. I’m liking the simplicity factor. That, by doing so, my running pace/endurance will continue to grow. Without interruption due to my typical spastic-gotta-do-five-million-types-of-workouts mindset. No more . In fact, I’m even contemplating freezing my gym membership for the summer – I won’t be using it for classes, so why pay for it? This also goes along with my growing affection for barre – I’d rather pay for classes with the money I was spending on a gym membership I’m not using.

Long story short: Barre + Running = LOVE!