Barre n9ne week #2 – it’s on!

<Editor’s Note – is it me or did this weekend FLY by in a nanosecond?? I can’t believe I’m typing this up at almost 9pm on Sunday. How did that even happen?? Hmph. Anyway, carrying on…>

Yup, last week – week #1.5 of the barre n9ne challenge – rocked.

Every workout presented a new challenge. A new “way” to sweat. And each time I ran, I took what I’d just learned in barre n9ne and did my best to apply it to running, where possible. And it’s making this girl, very, very happy, indeed.

So what’s on the agenda for barre n9ne week #2? Let’s just say that it’s on – and I’m ready to kill it:

Sunday – speedy 5k
Monday – 5-ish miler in the AM (unless it rains); Barre n9ne signature method
Tuesday – 4-ish miler in the AM; Barre n9ne lean & tone
Wednesday – 5-ish miler in the AM
Thursday – Barre n9ne long & lean legs followed by Barre Fusion
Friday – rest
Saturday – Barre n9ne signature method followed by annual memorial day cookout at the Sutera Manor (that would be the fancy name we gave to our house, hehe)

Looks pretty similar to last week, though this week I’m hoping for 5 chances to run. I’m getting closer and closer to committing to a half marathon (more on this later) so I’m trying ever so hard to get that running mojo going on overdrive.

In the meantime, I’m loving every single second of this challenge (clearly!). I’m loving this time to bond with my sis, I’m loving getting to know some fabulous Barre n9ne instructors (seriously, it’s impossible not to love them!), and I’m loving that I’ve discovered a workout that feels so incredibly life-changing, in a way I really can’t describe. It’s just left such an impact on me – especially in mind, even more so than body.

Barre N9ne week #2 – it’s on.