Now what?

Ok, so I’m committed to my 2nd half marathon.

And I’m all over the Barre N9ne challenge (which is going amazingly well, if my ridiculous enthusiasm over the whole thing isn’t clear by now!).

So…now what?

How will I balance both?

I was thinking about this last night as I dozed into dreamland. I’m all about focus these days – less is more, quality over quantity, all that jazz.

So here’s my plan: Barre N9ne is on until July 13. I’m in it to win it. So is my sis.

But the half will be just about one month later on August 14. I’ve got to finish what I’ve started.

So – is there a training plan in mind, you ask?

Kind of.

Booshy shared a pretty fanfrickintastic training plan with me and my sis today. She goes so far as to laminate it to post on the fridge (talk about motivating!). I love it. Yet – I find myself shying away from a “written” training plan, per se. So instead, I’m going to loosely follow what I did last summer when training for the Wicked Half. The whole less is more thing worked well here – less is more being  less structure is better for me than more. It prevents stress, something I dig, big time these days.

So the plan, sorry – was digressing there for a sec. (Such a spaz today.):

Run 4x/week – one long run (likely on Sundays) of varying mileage, two shorter runs (3-5ish miles) and one mid-range run (6, 7ish). Of course, I’ll be building up to the longer mileage to avoid any training injuries. The last thing I want to do is run into another knee issue!

In between running, I’ll continue to focus, focus, focus on Barre N9ne.

And that’s it. All she wrote, folks.

Kinda sounds like what I’m already doing now, huh? Well, it is – I’m just finally ready to give this “thing” a name – it’s my barre-n9ne-challenge-ala-half-marathon-training-lovefest.

Whatcha think? Has a nice ring to it, no?

Oh – and in typical spaz fashion, a couple of MUST-HAVES to get me through the next 2.5-ish months, I’ve decided?

I need:

Lululemon RUN shorts

I need:

Lululemon groove pants

Where’s my Lululemon fairy godmother? I’m waaaaitng.



22 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Hahaha I love this. I need those pants and shorts too, like whoa!! Let’s go shoppppinggggg 🙂 We SO deserve it, no?

    Signed, spaz in crime for the barre-n9ne-challenge-ala-half-marathon-training-lovefest. 😉

  2. Oh! I wish I could be your lululemon fairy godmother! 🙂 I have our run shorts in several colors, but not those pictured. We haven’t had those in our store, but I love them! It sounds like you’ve figured out a good plan. I’m impressed with all of your activity! I’m tempted to start training for something again, but still have some knee issues. 😦

    • Do you think you could poke around at Lulu to see where my fairy godmother might be hiding? I’d really appreciate that. 😉

      I’m sorry your knee is causing you grief, that’s the worst. So very frustrating. BUT it has given you a chance to focus on yoga and things that are less impact on the knees but just as good for the body and the mind. You’re doing great!

  3. the lulu groove pants and the groove shorts are my absolute favorites. the waist band on the shorts are the best ever!

    sounds like a good plan for you!

  4. Lululemon clothes are just the best aren’t they. The only bummer is that they’re pricey, I’m liking the workout clothes from Victoria Secret especially the workout pants, I bought a few when I was in Boston, they’re half the price of the Lulu and I get lots of compliments when I wear the pants. I even bought the blue PINK tracksuit on a date and got a compliment!!

    Supreme 90 is going well, it’s no way near as good a workout as a Cathe workout but for 20 dollars for several dvds, it’s good value. Insanity Asylum is super tough, it’s like a Cathe’s HIIT in terms of cardio difficulty.

    • I do love VS stuff too – their workout gear is super cute and very flattering!

      I’m glad these workouts are doing it for you – and aren’t killing your wallet, score!

  5. First, congrats on registering for your second half marathon! Second, you have a solid plan. Trust it and trust yourself. Third, flashy shorts make running better. Fact.

    This will be an exciting summer of workouts!

    • Thank you, friend! And thank you for that advice – I DO need to trust myself, this is a huge hurdle for me, one that I’m bound and determined to overcome. I think the flashy shorts will help with that, you agree with me, yes??

  6. well if you’re going to run a half, you have to have new running gear! I want to recommend doing some drills (like intervals or hill repeats). It’ll help with your endurance overall. You know, from one professional to another 😉

    • Yes – you’re right, my dear. I’m thinking there will be lots of hill repeats on the lake road in Maine this summer. There’s a GIANT hill right next to our camp that we used a bit for hill repeats last summer. Killer!

  7. Funny, I tried on those shorts and my stomach didn’t look ANYTHING like that!

    I like your training plan. I went a little crazy with a detailed training plan and it made me cuh-razy in the first couple of weeks. Being more laid back works much better for me as well.

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