Have you ever wondered?

<Editor’s Note: don’t ask – I have no idea where these came from…I have a long commute, way too much thinking time…?>

Have you ever wondered?

…what it would be like to walk a day in someone else’s shoes? (and if so, whose shoes?)

…what your life would look like if just one thing in your life happened/didn’t happen/happened differently? (i.e. if I’d never worked part-time at Shaw’s all through high school/college…I’d have never met my husband, thank God that I did.)

…what you’d do with upwards of three hours “back” in your day that right now is spent commuting? (or wait, is that just my commute??)

…if you’d end up on the same career path if you had to decide today what your major in college would be vs. at the ripe old age of 18?

…why it is that you blog? Or if there’s an “expiration date” on your blog?

…what it would be like to go to say to your hairstylist “surprise me” – and mean it?

…if your career is a means to an end vs. an integral part of who you are?

…if you live to eat or eat to live?

…how freeing it would be to have an un-tethered job?

…what it would feel like to toss your blackberry out the window for an entire week (weekend included; and not when you’re forced to disconnect like on a tropical island with no broadband access)?   

…if your definition of “me” is the same as your friends definition of you.

…if you could exist on just one food, what would it be?

…what your purpose (higher calling or whatever you wanna call it) is in life?

…how it would feel to be called “mom.” <disclaimer – no, this does *not* mean that I have the baby bug!>

…if you could change one thing about your life today, what would you choose?

…why it is so easy to fill a blank blog post page but a blank page for work/school, etc. sits there and taunts you sometimes?

So? Have you ever wondered? 

20 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered?

  1. I LOVE this post sis. To think of what flits through your mind when you are stuck in the car, huh? I do wonder what it would be like to toss the blackberry when not ‘forced’ like on vacation. I need to do it, quite honestly. I also wonder if how I define myself is how others see me too. And HOW I actually define myself. When you put pen to paper, it’s really hard to do. That would be a good blog post huh…how others define us!

  2. yes to many!

    the first one – I TRY to keep an open mind and see other’s point of view… and remember that we all have our stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever been judgmental, really, but it’s good to remember there’s probably more you don’t know!

    aahh – the second one! I was just having this conversation… I love drums, specifically the sound of a marching snare and marching band… that is ONE thing I would have pursued early on (YES – I’m saying I would have LOVED to be a band geek!!). Jason was in drum corps all growing up, and I love hearing his stories. and I love the result that he is now a Damn Sexy Drummer. 😉

    my first major choice in college? biology and pre med. I had an internship at a microbiology lab, which was VERY interesting but thankfully helped me change my mind!

    much of the time I eat to live, but I DO have a passion for making healthy taste awesome… so probably a bit of both if I’m being honest!

    this is an awesome post, Jess! I love it and I’m happy you published it! 😀

  3. great post! Yes, I have thought all of these things and I have thought them through quite a bit… 🙂 LOL. These are great questions though

  4. I ALWAYS wonder these types of questions. I just try to remind myself that everything happens for a reason, so even the bad stuff that happens can be turned into good things.

  5. Great post, I often wonder is there a set path that we are destined to follow or can we make our own paths? Do you think our life is already mapped out for us? Does everyone have a few soul mates or is there just the one perfect person for everyone?

  6. Have you heard of the Super String theory?…how everything is really interconnected in the universe? The movie Donnie Darko touches on it…anyway, it’s an interesting idea that begs the “is there a set path or was this path already set” question. Like, if you believe it was fate that led you to meet your husband – was it really fate or were your two paths already connected…?

  7. Jess, I love this! I really was thinking this today. How I wondered. I love what I do, but financially, its hard, its stressful. What would it be like to be secure? would I be happier? Not sure, but I’ll take what I have now and run with it. I think thats God’s plan for me, so lets go!

    So powerful.

  8. oh my gosh, everyday i struggle with why im here and what my purpose is! ive been all over the place (career wise) and am thinking now I definitely want to do physical therapy school…or maybe nursing? but i feel like im so old (i know im not…) then the other questions kick in about well, when am i gonna have babies? and all that crap haha. ahh drives me crazy!
    I met my husband during college working at a summer camp one summer…ive wondered the same thing…what if i never worked there? what if he didnt? so weird how things work out!

    • That’s exactly right – always wondering what if? I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do, to always question, but I find that I do it a lot more lately. And I’m not sure if that’s just my overthinking side coming into play or if I’m wondering if I need a path change. I’m not sure. Guess I’ll keep overthinking for now. 😉

  9. Love this because this is how my brain works too. And yes, I’ve wondered about the mom thing (and no, no baby plans). But I do see my sister with her kids, so how could I not wonder just a little bit. I sometimes see people walking by or running past me and just wonder what it feels like to be them. What are they thinking? I definitely think my job is just an means to an end right now and always wonder what it’d be like to LOVE getting up and going to work.

    • Totally – now that I have Isabel and see how my sis is with her, I wonder what that would feel like – that unconditional love. It must be an amazing, unreal experience. So I wonder, do I want that one day? I’m still not sure. For now, I’m loving being the best auntie around though, that’s for sure.

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