And what a week it was…

I gotta say – this has been quite the week…!

Barre n9ne week #2 came and went (well, almost – one more class tomorrow AM). My entire body is talking to me today, good thing I listened and took the rest day versus disobeying and going for a run. A tough call given the gorgeous weather today. And still, I obeyed – go me!

I signed up for my second half marathon. Woot! Seriously, now that the reality of it has set in, I’m getting really excited to slowly start upping my mileage again. Just in time for summer, weee!!

I wondered. And wondered. And wondered some more. And got some awesome insights back from you all – which of course, made me wonder some more. 😉

I recognized and faced my fear of change. A lot more of an eye-opening realization for me this week than I thought. Up until this particular challenge (barre n9ne), I didn’t ever really recognize that I don’t really fully commit to things no matter how enthusiastic I am about it. I hold back just enough to not quite ever finish what I started. It actually feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that I’ve realized that. I’m ready to find my inner fearlessness. 🙂

Looking back on this week, I’m feeling rather accomplished. Not just because I killed each workout (count ’em – six barre n9ne workouts this week and four runs total after tomorrow), but because I learned a LOT about myself. I love when that happens. I guess I’m getting wise in my old age. hehe.

On that note – I hope you all have a fantastic long and gorgeous (and disconnected!) weekend. I have plans to celebrate my husband’s birthday in typical Sutera style. Big-ass cookout at the Sutera Manor (which should put my food log skills to the test, but I’m ready to pass with flying colors!) followed by some beach time (I hope) and a date night with Scott on his actual birthday (Monday).  But first – must get through work today before the weekend begins! I’m gunning for sushi tonight too, in case you were wondering. 😉