Blog detox, runner’s high and Barre n9ne week #3!

Wow. Lots to cover off on today! I guess that’s what happens when you give yourself a blog “detox” for the long weekend, huh?

So the blog detox, what’s that all about? It wasn’t something I planned but it actually worked out really well to be completely disconnected from blog-land this weekend. A weekend full of celebrations (happy birthday, babe!), lots of family and friend time annnnd some much-loved beach time. In all, a pretty damn fantastic weekend all around. And of course, I have to share at least one or two pics  from the party on Saturday.

How adorable is my niece?? I love her!

And one of the birthday boy, he’s so cute. 😉

As for runner’s high? Well, I’m still riding that high as I type this. Had one of those “I could run forever” runs this morning. The weather was crisp and comfy. The birds were chirping away and the roads were silent. In fact, this was probably the least chatty Scott and I were on our run in a long time. It was just us with our thoughts, our feet hitting the pavement, our breath even and strong. It gives me full confidence that in ten weeks, I’ll be ready to kick the crap out of the YuKanRun half marathon.  🙂

In other news, barre n9ne – crazy to think that we’re already into week three of our eight week challenge! And here’s how it’ll look (can’t wait!):

Sunday – muggy and hot 5-miler (complete with super-sexy sports bra tan lines LOL)
Monday – barre n9ne toned, firm, fit and ready (which was my first time taking this class, it was awesome. A mix of barre n9ne signature method, lean & tone and long & lean legs, kinda perfect if you ask me!)
Tuesday – runner’s high worthy run (4.5 miler)
Wednesday – 5 miler; barre n9ne lean & tone
Thursday – 4 or 5-miler with the sis; barre n9ne long & lean legs; barre n9ne fusion
Friday – rest
Saturday – first long run day of training, aiming for 6.5 or 7ish

In related barre n9ne challenge news? I totally rocked the food log at the annual memorial day bash and I am SO PROUD of myself for it. I stuck to my plan, I ate lots of fruits and veggies and hummus and fresh fruit, and steered clear of the stuff I usually kill for at parties (read: all the bad stuff!). Annd I was able to fit wine into the mix, a must for this wino, I’ll tell you that!!  I call this a MAJOR win for me, especially considering I am suuuuch a sucker for cocktail party food!

So yeah, a great weekend, an awesome blog detox (despite the growing google reader feed I must trim down!), and a great week of workouts ahead. How does your week look, my friends? Let’s rock it out together, shall we?  

25 thoughts on “Blog detox, runner’s high and Barre n9ne week #3!

  1. Love the line-up and the detox too. I was mostly disconnected too and it felt pretty great. I just freaking love summer and that sense of euphoria just can’t be beat. Or a good runner’s high 🙂

  2. Yay, you! Your workout week looks awesome! I love finishing a week like that and thinking, “Wow. I killed it this week.”

    And nice job with the food log! I’d definitely struggle…that’s for sure 🙂

    • Trust me, the food log has been quite the struggle – but it’s definitely been a needed and eye-opening experience so I’m glad I’m doing it even if it means planning a little bit more than normal (which is saying something coming from this self-professed Type A-er!)

  3. So much great stuff in this post! Thrilled to hear you’re rocking the runner’s high (and the sports bra tan lines — don’t worry, I’ve got ’em, too) and feeling confident. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. blog detoxes are essential! actually a break from all of it is good, we often do this on the weekends, at least somewhat! then I’m behind but I don’t let it stress me 🙂

    great job on the good eats, and another essential ? wine… 😉

    have a fabulous week – looks like a great plan!

    • It’s honestly been awhile that I was that disconnected on a weekend so it was time for the blog detox, for sure. And I wasn’t overly stressed about reading all of my favorite blogs, which helped matters tremendously!

  5. all this makes me so happy for you! I love seeing your sisters and you with the cute niece and full of smiles!

    • I’m enjoying it, you know it! I know how hard it is to be away from running/runner’s high so I soak in every moment of the good running days vs. the bad or injured days.

  6. Idont blog on weekends just for that reason! I like to disconnect myself on weekends and not feel like I have a weekend job lol Anyway, my weekend was great! I feel totally refreshed toady, minus the dreadful 90 degree temps (WITHOUT A/C!!!)

    • I tend to only blog on the weekend if I have something to say, otherwise, I usually only end up blogging during the week. In general though, I don’t blog just to blog, only when I have something to share (which is most of the time LOL).

      I LOVE feeling refreshed and recharged after a weekend away from the grind. Hang in there with those temps – it’s gorgeous here today, maybe 80 degrees, no humidity. LOVELY.

    • SO encouraging! Wish there were more of those days -but I’ll take what I can get at this point! 🙂
      Thanks for swinging by, I’m off to check out your blog next!

    • God, there’s nothing else that quite compares, is there? I was so proud of myself after that run today – to FEEL so good during it was amazing. I loved every minute.

      The weekend was awesome, exactly what I/we needed!

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  8. I’m late to this, as I’ve been having a blog detox of my own over my “weekend” (Tuesday/Wednesday), but I love that you took a break. You’re so freakin committed to everything, I think it’s great you took time off to celebrate with family and friends 🙂

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