To Run Is…

To Run Is…



…a privilege.

…to be cherished (being “able to…”)

…to trust your body to do what your mind thinks is not possible.

…even more fun with running buddies (aka run dates!)

…when I have some of my best conversations with Scott.

…a place to let the mind wander.

…a blessing.

Happy National Running Day! This from the girl riding a two-day runner’s high (thank you 5:15am 5-miler on top of yesterday’s 4.5 “I could run forever” runs!). Weee!

In honor of this day, please tell me – why do you run? And perhaps, more importantly, what “is” running to you? 

25 thoughts on “To Run Is…

  1. Running is how I stay sane. Without the quiet time alone with my sneakers, I’d go crazy. I relish that time away from the office, away from my email, away from distractions. It’s funny, too, because when I run I’m often in the always-packed-and-super-busy Central Park with my music blasting. But it still seems quiet…

    Happy Running Day!

    • Totally true – sometimes I think through whatever is stressing me out that day and suddenly everything seems much clearer as my feet hit the pavement. Crazy how that works, huh?

  2. Great post sis! I wish I ran today, but alas, my rest day and the humidity meant no run 🙂 I run to face my fear of it, for the challenge, and for the feeling of success after I am done.

  3. I am always running after those kind of runs – the ones where I feel I can run forever! 🙂 that’s what I run for… I love when I find my breathing rhythm and I (*almost) always feel good after!

    *ankle… knee…

    Happy Running Day! I haven’t yet, but I think I’m going to run indoors today – keep waiting for it to stop raining…

    • Yes – it’s like we’re all chasing after that elusive runner’s high, that feeling that you could run forever. Sure – it’s hard to catch that feeling, but it sure is worth the effort when all is said and done, huh?

  4. Ah, love this!

    Running is: my favorite way to get an endorphin high; a time for ME; a challenge, when I let it be; pushing me out of my comfort zones; the best way to find new friends in a new city; how I met D! 🙂

  5. “…to trust your body to do what your mind thinks is not possible.”

    I am suffering from this big time at the moment — overthinking this, and being overly cautious. Thanks for reminding me that I really don’t need to mollycoddle my body with running plans and heart rate monitors and so on. If I just go out and run at a pace that is comfortable, for as long as it remains fun and challenging (but not painful!), then I’ll be good.

    I’m off to put my running kit on now. Perfectly timed post!

  6. I run for a million reasons and it changes with each run, but lately my runs are for my sanity. I don’t have to run far or fast, but I have to run. Running brings me a sense of calm. I can sort out my thoughts, enjoy the peace and quiet, and prepare for the challenges that come my way.

    • Totally agree – sometimes I work out whatever it is that’s been bugging me (that sometimes I don’t even realize WAS bugging me until I hit the road) and I come out feeling so much better and more centered and clear-headed after a run. A total sense of calm, to your point.

  7. running is frustrating and fulfilling all at the same time. over the years, i can honestly say that it has evoked every type of emotion out of me. but i don’t know what i’d do without it. awesome post my friend!

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