Celebrate: you

Thanks to the always-inspiring Tina for prompting this very post. Her “I will say it loud and proud” post totally stuck with me yesterday – the fact that we, as a culture of women are the first to admit to our flaws, but the last to admit to our strengths? It’s sad really. We should embrace who we are and own it. All of it.

So today, I urge you to celebrate: you.

I’ll start – and you can take it from there. 🙂

I am passionate. When I love something (or someone, hehe) you KNOW it. I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve. Whatever emotion I’m feeling, I show it. I’m a lover, not a fighter. 😉

I am loyal. To my sisters (to my niece!). To my husband. To my friends. I hold those that I care about very close to my heart and would walk across fire if it meant putting a smile on a loved ones face.

I am obsessed with love challenges. A half marathon – sure, bring it on. Another one? Yup, I’m on it. Putting myself into uncomfortable situations (new job, new approach to working out, food logs, etc.) has taught me so much about myself. And I’m thankful for every single challenge presented to me – even the ones that stress me out now and then.

I’m a gigantic dork. Giggle fits halfway through Barre N9ne. Who, me? Rummy wars with the hubs? Playing “wanna know how I got there?” with whomever will listen to my ridiculous rambles (usually Scott gets stuck holding that bag)? Giant dork. Always have been and that is a-ok with me!

I am me. A “me” I’ve grown to love more and more in the past year or so. I’m settling into my 30s (eek, 30s, as in plural??) and it feels good to be getting more comfortable in my own skin. It’s about time.

So, I started us off nicely, I’d say. Now it’s your turn. Let’s call today, June 2: Celebrate: You day. Are you in?