On this day, 7 years ago…

…our wedding day. Two hearts joyfully united.
June 5th, 2004..654.

Our vows on that day:

I am so grateful to God for joining us together in love, His most precious gift. Today, it is our responsibility to nurture that love, knowing that it will grow with us throughout our marriage. With this love, I promise to be there to laugh with you during moments of joy, to hold you in times of sadness and to support your individual dreams and aspirations as we walk hand-in-hand together through life. You are my best friend; today I promise to cherish every moment spent with you for the rest of my life. I love you.

Just typing this up brings it all rushing back as if it were yesterday. And, I’m damn proud to say that every single one of those vows totally and utterly ring true for us today, 7 years later. And, what an amazing 7 years it’s been.

If I could revisit these vows today? They might look something like this:

Babe, you are truly the other half to my whole. When we’re apart, my heart misses you. There is nothing in this lifetime that we cannot conquer together – we’ve already proved that, seven years in. And I love you more today than I did on that June day seven years ago. I don’t know how we’ll top the next year, or two, or three, or ten, or forty. But I know it’s going to be amazing. Filled with laughter, more love than any relationship has ever seen before and a marriage that was and is forever built on love, trust, patience (you need a lot to be married to me, let’s be honest!) and joy. Thank you babe. You are amazing. And honest. And Kind. And my best friend, always. Seven years strong. Love. ❤