Celebrating 7…

Celebrating 7...

Of picnics:

Great wine.

<Glen Lyon “Blush of the Boar” – from our wine club…delicious>

Some amazing (and healthy!) meals.

<Williamson Wines “Seduce” Cabernet Sauvignon – bought on the sly (thank you Meg!!) and surprised Scott with this on his bday – Filet migon, spinach salad and grilled/braised leeks – looks weird but tasted amazing>

Simple moments.

<I promise, we’re not naked here, just sunbathing at the park!>

Lost in conversation – of loving memories, goofy moments.
A perfect way to celebrate 7.

9 thoughts on “Celebrating 7…

    • thanks sis. major mushy blog post city, huh? but seriously – this weekend was amazing. had such an awesome time together – the picnic was so much fun!! And yes, I’ll give you the leek recipe. was amazing !

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