Upping those miles!

Before I dive into my post for today, I have to say – thank you so much for all of your kind words on my 7 year wedding anniversary! While I didn’t comment on many of them (tried to be as disconnected as possible this past weekend), I read and smiled at every single one of them. I even shared some of them with Scott who loved reading all of your great comments too. Just a reminder how lovely this blogging community really is. Love!

Now, one thing I haven’t really been talking about as much on the blog the past couple of weeks is how things are starting to shape up related to the YuKanRun half marathon training. While I’ve mentioned how much I’ve loved the return of my running mojo, I haven’t really got into the training aspect here, beyond that.

I have to say – I’m pleasantly surprised at how my body is adjusting to upping the miles. And how much I’m actually enjoying it. I sort of had a nagging fear in the back of my mind that returning to half training would stress me out or bring those moments during the Wicked Half when I thought I’d NEVER want to run a half again, come streaming back. But instead, I’m embracing every single training run.

I credit this reaction to a few variables:

Nearly all of my training runs have been in the early-AM, and with Scott by my side. During the last half, this was not the case as he was still working at his old job and we hardly had any time together – let alone time to run together. Now – I cherish these morning runs with him – and find that the 5:15am wake-up call is actually a welcome one, especially with those birds chirping out the window and the sun shining. Hard to hit snooze when you’re surrounded by the world slowly waking up around you.

Run dates are back in effect! My sister and I had an awesome run-date last Thursday and I cannot wait to experience runner’s high with her again this Thursday. Between this run-date and our practically daily barre n9ne dates, we finally have a lot more time together again. I’ve missed that with our new jobs and the drastic change in routine that has brought.

My first “long training run” of the season was on Saturday and it went so, so well. It was a 6.5 miler and I kicked the crap out of it. I timed our run this time (I’ve gotten away from regular use of the Garmin, as you know) and was shocked to see that we finished 6.5 miles in 1:06. This is speedy for me. I usually can run about 5ish in about 55 mins or so, so to run an additional 1.5 miles in about ten mins faster than my 5 mile pace? SLAM DUNK in my book.

And finally, I love, love, love running as the world awakes from slumber. We saw two bunnies on our run yesterday morning (I legit whined to Scott: “awww, I wanna paaaaaaaaat them!!” as we ran past. To which he just shook his head and told me to keep moving, hehe) and countless robins and blue jays and squirrels scurrying about. Scott made a good point – it’s this time of the day that the wildlife in our area rules the roost. Most humans are still asleep or just getting up at 5:30am – this is “playtime” for all sorts of little critters. We often feel like the minority in the morning – seeing more furry critters than humans on our run – but I love that feeling. Feels like we were sneaking into their world for just a short time. A very peaceful and centering way to start the day.

So yeah, YuKanRun half training? I dig it. 😉

And if you’re curious? Here’s how the schedule looks this week:
Sunday – rest (it *was* our anniversary afterall!)
Monday – 5 miler; barre n9ne signature method
Tuesday – a speedy 5k – focusing on upping my speed, pushing through the pain (this ought to hurt…); barre n9ne lean & tone
Wednesday – 5.5 miler
Thursday – Run date with the sis, thinking we’ll hit 5 again; barre n9ne long & lean legs followed by barre n9ne fusion (and a sushi date with the one and only Michele afterwards!)
Friday – possible 2nd rest day (I know, imagine!?) OR a short 5k if I’m feeling good <-though in looking at this line-up, I’m thinking a 2nd rest day is definitely in the cards!
Saturday – long run (aiming for 7 miles) and barre n9ne toned firm fit & ready (at the park!)