Guest post: For once…

As this barre n9ne challenge is in full force, my sister was inspired to send me a guest post for this week – all based on a particularly awesome barre class experience , one that resulted in an incredible breakthrough, especially for her as she works through some body image issues.

Sis – I’m so proud of you!! I told you, you are beautiful, strong, and fit, I’m so glad you finally believe me. 😉 xoxo

Guest Post: For once….

…I am seeing real results that match the level of workouts I am doing.

…I am feeling lean, strong, and toned from a workout that promises that you’ll get lean, strong and toned.

For the very first time.

…I realize that a food log is a good idea. While I wasn’t eating badly before, I was simply just eating too many calories (whether ‘good’ calories or not, a calorie is a calorie!)

…I don’t hate my body….because I see it transforming before my very eyes. Tangible. Concrete. Not just ‘well I think I am improving…” without actually knowing for sure if I am.

…I can run without shin pain that is so distracting that I cannot run more than every third day (I ran 5 days last week – many of those in a row. Who am I?! What have I become?!) <—a runner, sis!!

…I now look forward to running to focus on my breathing, increase my distance and enjoy the beautiful summer around me, M by my side (or my sis, who is, I might add, the best running coach ever. Thank you sis). <—aww shucks, you’re welcome! xo

For the very first time, I feel better than I quite possibly ever have. And to think we are only halfway through our barren9ne 60 day challenge journey is absolutely astounding. I cannot wait to see what the next 30 days bring.

And to continue sharing all of this with my sister Jess? Is quite simply amazing.

What completes your ‘for once’ moments?