Pinpointing a ‘moment’

Pinpointing a ‘moment’I define this as being so present in a moment that you can actually see the turning point take shape right before your eyes. 

Last night was that moment.

I rushed over to barre n9ne after work to get to long & lean legs followed by fusion and watched the dark stormy clouds roll in. As I sat at the stop light at the corner near the studio, I saw the lights flash out. Uh oh- lights are out. This can’t be good.

I run into the studio. Pitch black. Everyone is chattering, wondering, hoping for the lights to re-appear. Tanya is walking around with a flashlight – probably wondering “Do I keep the class and try to do it in the dark? Will anyone stay?? Should I just cancel??” I could practically see those thoughts swirling around in her head. In my head? “please keep class!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this all day!”

After about fifteen minutes and still no electricity, Tanya asks if we’d be up for a dimly lit class (the studio has windows usually covered with blinds, she opened them and it let a bit of light into the room) with just her iPhone for music. Nearly every one of us eagerly clamored into the room. Ready to work. In the dark. No air conditioning (it was in the 90s yesterday).

Tanya starts the class, her iPhone playing her tracks for the class and I gotta give her major credit. She didn’t bat an eye, she just went for it. With a huge smile on her face, so proud that we all stuck around, in spite of it all. And we followed her, without hesitation. It was surreal.  The up/down of the leg lifts, the quiet breathing you could hear now that their was no other noise to override that (like the white noise of AC for example). We were just there to work. And work we did.

About 20 minutes into the class, the lights turned back on and we cheered, but kept moving. It wouldn’t have mattered if the light stayed out the entire class, we weren’t stopping. And it was awesome.

Pinpointing a moment. 
That moment.
Where commitment means more than practicality.
Where dedication means working out in the dark with your favorite instructor leading the way.
Where change is slowly transforming your body, your mind, your will.

Pinpointing a moment.

Your turn – pinpoint a ‘moment’ for me. This one’s still leaving quite an impact on me today. Funny how a simple moment can have that effect.

<Quick edit: if you want Tanya’s take, check out her blog post here on how she felt going through last night’s “dimly lit” barren9ne class. 😉 >

19 thoughts on “Pinpointing a ‘moment’

  1. Ahh! Love it sis, I felt every moment of this workout. The camraderie, the die-hard-ness, the quiet joy or getting in a hard workout. I kinda liked that I couldn’t really see myself as it helped me look AT my legs to see if they were in proper form, not at the mirror, critiquing. It was an awesome double workout too!!!

    • YES – so true. I was forced to look at my own body vs. looking at my reflection in the mirror and it made me focus even more on my form, believe it not (even in the dimly lit room!).
      Awesome workout last night sis, we worked it wicked haaahd!

  2. That was great Jess! I love how you (and Jo) are finding so much happiness in your new venture with barre n9ne. Sometimes our workouts can seem like such a drag, just getting to the gym and getting through the workout, the run, or whatever it is. It’s nice to see you enjoying every moment and really appreciating and loving the strength of your body. It’s something that can easily be taken for granted, and can lead to more bad feelings than good. It’s so inspirational to think about the pure happiness and bliss coming from a great workout. Keep enjoying!!

    • Seriously, Steph – it truly is the best feeling to find something that you LOVE to do and to truly look forward to that class/workout, whatever vs. dreading it. There hasn’t been a single class I have not looked forward to…and the same goes for running. Loving all this mojo goin on!! 🙂

  3. this gave me chills! the way you wrote about it, thinking about class in a dark room, the power of a group with the same goal, the cheer about something that was now unimportant because you were all in it!

    wouldn’t it be funny if everyone was requesting the lights off now? 🙂

  4. I love how a quiet camaraderie suddenly develops in moments like this. I would totally have stayed for a dimly lit class with my favorite instructor. Sounds like Tanya really gave all her effortvin ensuring you get a great class. She sounds like she’s sn awesome teacher.

    • She really does give it her all in those classes, and she has this great way of pushing you work just a little bit harder, but in the nicest most reassuring way possible. All with a big smile on her face. She’s great….even in the dark!

  5. I know exactly what you mean — I had a “moment” in my professional life the other day. I actually saw my attitude shifting before my eyes, and could almost stand back and observe it happening as a bystander! It’s great when things fall into place like that.

    I wish I could say the same about my training and diet. I’ve managed to at least get into the gym for a couple of workouts, but even that is a mammoth effort in willpower. Same with making decent food choices. I can see myself *not* having a moment a lot of the time! People talk about a lack of motivation — and I guess that’s what kept you guys, and Tanya, at it last night — motivation. But it’s not that at the bottom of things — it’s *fearlessness*. I see that in what you guys did. So I guess I have to figure out what is scaring me about getting back to my old lifestyle, and preventing my from experiencing some kind of positive turning point!

    Wow, thanks Jess. I had no idea I was going to write that until it just came out…

    • Wow, I loved reading this comment as you seemed to kind of have a ‘moment’ right within this very post – I dig it.
      I wonder if you are afraid of going back to your “old lifestyle” because you are afraid of going too hardcore again? Maybe you need to consider your “old lifestyle” as a thing of the past and instead create a new lifestyle that you love and can appreciate but that is a little more balanced than before. Call it a redefined lifestyle, if you will.

      • Ha, do you want to copy and paste that into the post I just wrote! I think you’re right — there is definitely a part of me that is wary of getting sucked in so deep again. You know, I like not always having to rush off to the gym; I like being able to have a couple of spontaneous beers without worrying about my workout schedule for the next day; I like the extra time I have not training 15 hours a week! You’re also right that it doesn’t have to be like that. I can remain more relaxed whilst still getting back into things more. I guess that’s just a bit alien to me. I’m such an all or nothing person. That is definitely something I need to work on!

        Thanks for the useful reply 🙂

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  7. AMAZING!! Simply wonderful. I can picture this particular class in my mind and my spirit soars! That room must have been filled with such energy!!!!

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