Ready for “battle”?

This is what 7 miles in the rain looks like (in case you were wondering):

But that’s not the point of my post today.

My point?

My husband thinks I’m armed and ready for battle with all the gear I had on for today’s long run ala YuKanRun half marathon training.


Well, I *did*  have an awful lot of gear on today:
Hat – to keep the rain out of my eyes
Watch – to watch our pace
Not one, but two patella straps – gotta protect those knees
iFitness hydration belt – test-run baby!

He looked at me as I was gearing up and smirked — “What are you, going in for battle? Look at all that gear.”

At first I got all offended and annoyed that he clearly did NOT get why I needed all this stuff. But then, I had to giggle – he kept imitating me during the run, and as it started to go from a light sprinkle to outright downpour – he said, “don’t worry, you got this — you do have your survival pack on you, afterall.”

Such a jokester, he is.

But seriously, all that gear made a huge difference today. Especially the hat (hello, rain!) AND that iFitness hydration belt. Just like Naomi promised (thank you, dear!), it didn’t slip at ALL during our run. It stayed at my hips and I seriously didn’t even notice it was there – y’know until I needed a sip of water. And those tiny sips made such a difference – no dry mouth, no “OMG I’m dying of thirst” distracting thoughts.

Just me (and my gear) and Scott running along, conquering that 7-miler like a coupla running fiends!

So yeah – I guess Scott was right – I *was* geared up and ready for battle today. <—see babe? I admitted it, you were right. Happy now? 😉

26 thoughts on “Ready for “battle”?

  1. LOL! That is awesome. And so funny, Scott, good man 😉 All I can think of is this quote: “Ohhh Robin! You lost your arms in ba’le!’ (I’m sure you can guess the line and what movie that’s from!). It was fun running in the rain this morning, I must admit, helped distract me from the task at hand too.

    • LOLOLOL I read this quote on my phone and was cracking up. Of course Scott thought I was weird, but what else is new? 😉 The rainy run was actually really neat – cleansing and distracting, all in one! Made those miles go by a little bit easier, oddly enough.

  2. LOL – if you’re not careful you’re going to be a high-maintenance runner like me!!! Love it though and SOOOOO glad you girls are finally getting on board the hydration train. I’ve been telling Jo how much of a difference it’ll make. Man if people would just listen to me LOL

    • Yes, dear – you were right, I should have listened to you allll along. How was that? Good enough?? 😉
      But truth – this hydration belt is going to change my running forever, I am sure of it. Those miles today somehow came just a little bit easier because I wasn’t distracted by dry mouth and thoughts of running thru sprinklers for hydration! HA!

  3. this is so awesome – I’m glad everything worked (I’m weary of those belts, but everyone says they don’t slip)… I’m old school and use my camelbak for long runs and things (although I haven’t needed it in a while!) I do also take it on bike rides.

    and yes, the hat is a must for the rain – that is one thing THIS Oregon girl knows!! 🙂

    • seriously – it didn’t slip at ALL. Highly recommend it. This from the girl that has been anti-hydration belt for YEARS.

      The hat was huge today – without it, I wouldn’t have been able to see!

  4. I’m DEFINITELY going to get the ifitness belt!! My husband also loves shaking his head and chuckling as I struggle with my heart strap for my monitor, my Polar watch, my iphone arm band, the cord from my earbuds, my road id bracelet and never mind the 15 trips to the toilet before leaving the house.

    Congrats on a great run today!

  5. That stuff is necessary! I have a spibelt and it doesn’t slip but sometimes it gets all twisted during the run. Maybe I should look into the ifitness one.

  6. I was really hesitant to try running with a water belt as I hate running with a bladder, but I actually found it really comfortable.

    And you know every time I say to someone “I love running because it requires so little kit” I have to laugh at my marathon training self: water belt, ipod, gels, Garmin, sunscreen, money, mobile phone…

    • I know, right? I used to say that I was a low maintenance runner – just needed my sneaks and I was good to go. But clearly my maintenance levels are on the rise over here. Oops 😉

    • seriously, I wish I could’ve videotaped his impression of me “going into battle” — it was a riot.
      LOVE that you have an iFitness belt too, they are awesome!!

  7. There really is a lot of gear necessary for running…and biking, too! It’s good to be prepared. But yes, the thought of going to battle is pretty humorous. 🙂

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  9. I LOVE running in the rain! That is a fantastic picture of you and I’m glad the fuel belt is working out for you! It’s never silly to be over prepared – you never know when you might need something. I put extra gels or whatever, back and body (excedrin) pills, chapstick and the like in my fuel belt – just in case.

    • Ha, thanks – I think I look like a hot mess in the pic, but it tells the story nicely, doesn’t it?? ha.

      And I am SO with you on the chapstick in the hydration belt – I’m almost more excited about that than the water! I hate chapped lips when I run. hate, hate, hate!

  10. I always joke about all the gear I wear when I head out for long runs. It’s definitely a funny scene, especially when you live in an area where you’re one of a handful of runners. People often wonder….

    But all the gear is worth it for a great run! Nice job, Jess!

    • It’s true – so much to pack up when you’re out there for so long, you just never know what you might need! I guess I’m a high maintenance runner afterall. Who knew?

  11. I’m a little behind in my blog reading, but I was beaming – all smiles to read that the iFitness belt worked for you! Yaaaay! It will become so handy, especially in the summer!

    The gear does get to be a lot…I always have to run through a mental checklist to make sure I have everything! 🙂

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