30 days in…

Wow. Today marks the 30-days in mark towards the 60-day barre n9ne challenge my sister and I are neck deep in at the moment.

<Editor’s note: I realize my post today will sound eerily similar to my sister’s guest post from earlier in the week, but bear with me – sometimes I gotta blog it out, even if my words sound alike to that of my sister’s -what can I say, we *are* related afterall!>

Honestly? Tanya was so right to call this a 60-days a “transformation” because that is indeed what it’s become for my sister and I.

…I’ve re-learned how to listen to my body.

…To eat when hungry versus eating because it’s “time” to eat, or because I’m bored and feeling munchy vs. true hunger. <—very hard for this self-professed foodie, I love, love, LOVE to eat. 

…To work hard, harder than I admittedly ever have in any other challenge I’ve committed to before.

…To let my mind go, watching my body change before my very eyes.

…Running harder and more consistently than ever and enjoying every moment of those runs (which bodes well given we’re also three weeks into half marathon training, too!)

…And feeling damn proud. Of me and my sister (who looked damn fine at the wedding she went to this weekend lemme tell ya – she looked HOT. Maybe she’ll let me post the pic here if you all beg and plead…hehe).

…For the first time, all of the effort I’ve put into my workouts and healthy eating is finally showing.

Probably most notably? I stand taller – something my husband noted just this weekend, in fact. I stand taller because I am more confident. Overflowing with pride.

…Because I’ve done this. Something that truthfully scared me when we first started out – the changes I needed to make seemed a little daunting and unnatural to me. But 30 days in and it doesn’t feel scary anymore. It’s become my new normal. 

And we’ve still got 30 more days of this challenge to go. I honestly cannot fathom what that will feel like/look like, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be transformative.

30 days in…

Schedule for the week (inquiring minds wanna know, right?? Plus this keeps me honest, kinda like Jess from Fit Chick in the City’s “say it do it” – works wonders!):

Sunday – rest day (legs were feeling all 7 of those rainy miles from Saturday!)
Monday – 5 miler in the AM; barre  n9ne signature method
Tuesday – speedy 5k in the AM; barre n9ne lean & tone
Wednesday – 5.5 miler in the AM (seeking bunnies along the way!)
Thursday – “run-date” with the sister in the AM – 6ish miles; barre n9ne long & lean legs (dimly lit??) and barre n9ne fusion
Friday – possible second rest day (likely!)
Saturday – long run, 7.5 or so planned plus barre n9ne TFFR at the park (toned firm fit and ready at the park)


19 thoughts on “30 days in…

  1. Great post sis, I am glad you are feeling this just as much as me. and wow, three weeks into the half training?? Guess it’s two for me, technically? Either way, it feels good to be running as well. I am looking forward to our run date on Thursday!

  2. That’s so cool the challenge is going so well and wow am I impressed with your running or what!! Amazing, that’s a lot of miles each week. Well done you!

    • Thank you!! This training round (for the half) has been really great so far – I’m not anxious about upping the mileage for the longer runs, and I remember getting very anxious about that last summer when we were deep in half training. I count that as a plus for me -the mental side of running is so much tougher for me!

  3. Love this, you girls rock and you’re kicking this transformation’s butt 🙂 Don’t forget on your schedule, park series Saturday 😉 fingers crossed NO RAIN! If I don’t go to NY I will join you! Here’s to the next 30 days!

  4. I’m so proud of you for taking on this challenge, and so excited for you that you’re seeing great results! I can’t believe you’re already half way through…times sure flies.

  5. “To eat when hungry versus eating because it’s “time” to eat, or because I’m bored and feeling munchy vs. true hunger” F*ck, teach me that!! (Sorry for the swearz..)

    I have gone through periods of managing to do that, to be fair. But it’s so easy to fall out of such good habits. In particular I find the “not just eating because it’s lunchtime” kinda hard. I’m a creature of habit I guess! Who am I kidding though, even that is emotional, in the same way as boredom or comfort eating is. It’s the reassurance of routine or something I guess..

    Anyway, I’m really glad the food diary is working for you (and the rest!) 🙂

    • Um trust me – eating out of hunger vs. eating just to eat is VERY VERY HARD for me. Don’t let me trick you into thinking otherwise. BUT I’ve been surprised that even with fewer calories than I was eating before, I can tell a HUGE difference when I eat the right calories and am better-fueled (i.e. less hunger pangs!) so it spurs me to continue down that path. But not gonna lie, this has been a tough week for me (damn PMS!) and the hungry horrors have been OUT of control. All I want to do is eat a giant pizza, a loaf of bread, anything carby and starchy, I want. LOL.
      So there – I’m human. For realsssss.

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