Find your passion…everyday

Man, I love Dove chocolates!

Not only are those 44 calories of creamy delicious chocolate worth every bite, but those little inspirations printed on the foil wrappers? Somehow they always speak to me at just the right moment.

From Sunday night’s Dove treat:

“Find your passion.”

To which I’d add in urgency – find your passion…everyday.

This feels similar in a way to the “to enjoy” movement that Lindsay started and Heather is continuing – much to my joy, of course.

Sure – we all want to find and follow our passion. And some of us are lucky enough to work and play in a space that represents our passion. And others (like me) make the most of following their passion in their personal life, as much as possible, while letting their professional life do the bill-paying, if you will. 😉

But the point I’m trying to make is this – seek out your passions every single day. It doesn’t have to be the same passion every time, but try to make that one of your goals for the day or week. Add it to your “to enjoy” list if you want.

There are so many “must do” things in our everyday that we often forget that we are fueled by our passions and shouldn’t let them fall by the wayside.

For example – my husband and I LOVE to cook together. While we do our best during the week to cook yummy meals, it’s the weekends where we can really dig in to new recipes and fancier-than-average meals. So that’s when we fuel our passion for food and it works for us.

Another example – and this should come as no surprise. I choose to fuel my passion for working out as often as I can. Even if that means a longer commute in the morning – I’d gladly face the wall of traffic during rush-hour if it meant I got my early-morning run in with Scott. I guess that means I ought to complain a little bit less on mega-traffic days, huh? Noted.

I see so many friends, family, colleagues who routinely push aside their passions to tackle their must-do lists and obligations in lieu of doing just one thing that they love and are passionate about every day (or at least every week). In my view? We all work so very hard, we deserve and have outright earned the privilege to find and fuel our passions. Even if that means a compromise here or there, as I pointed out in my two examples. And trust me – I’m a realist, and now that this might not be possible every day or every single week, but it’s worth working towards in my opinion.

So today I urge you and remind you – find your passion. Fuel it. You are worth it. Go out and find it, embrace it, own it. Throw it on your “to enjoy list.”