We all know by now that I can’t touch my toes.

And I know I’m not alone in this as some of you have admitted to me that you can’t either.

Makes me feel a teensy tiny bit better.

BUT – I want to be able to touch my toes.

I don’t know why but it’s totally a goal of mine coming out of this 60 day barre n9ne challenge – to be able to touch my toes.

Seems like such a tiny, non-important detail but for me – it would signal a huge breakthrough. You see – I’ve always used the “ohh I am just NOT flexible, I’m not built for it, I’ve always had tight hamstrings, etc.” excuses. And that’s what they’ve always been – excuses.

But why? Why should I be excused from being able to properly touch my toes? What makes me so special that I don’t need to do what so many of you can already do (and probably take for granted, whether you realize it or not)?

I’ve always made excuses for it because I’ve never had the patience to change it. To step outside of my workout comfort zones and focus on workouts that will increase flexibility. I’ve always been of the mindset that I’ll just never be flexible. And while that may be true compared to some of you who are naturally flexible, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be focusing on it.

Not just because being able to touch my toes would feel like a huge milestone for me (oddly enough), but because it’s just so good for my overall health to be more flexible. I’ve already noticed that my body is responding well to the focus on barre n9ne (lengthening and strengthening, baby!) – especially as I increase my running mileage in preparation for the half. My knees are not aching. My body seems to rebound just a little bit better after longer runs. And for the record – I am a LOT closer to touching my toes today than I was just 30 days ago.

Which all this points to one thing (for me) – no more excuses. I WILL touch my toes and I WILL do so in the next 30 days (the end of the barre n9ne 60 day challenge). You hear that Universe? Bring it!

So this might seem like a really random topic ‘o the day (toes, really??) but it begs the question – have you been making excuses versus getting out there and making it happen (“it” could be fitness related, health related, or life/balance related)? If so – what is stopping you? Or have you not figured that out? I guess I didn’t really even figure out this whole toes issue until I was writing this very post, believe it or not. So go ahead – blog (comment) it out, I’d love to hear! 


15 thoughts on “Toes

  1. Sigh…mine is (still) running. Every time I try, something hurts, swells, or doesn’t respond well to it. I know I’m not “prepared” to run. My core is weak (even with yoga–go figure), my knees, shins, and feet are weak. It’s a bad deal. I think I avoided running for so long because I knew I’d have to learn to do or build so many other things to do it well–stretching, core strengthening, ankle strengthening (how do you even strengthen an ankle), and strength training. It’s so much easier to say “my running days are behind me” or “I don’t have the body for running anymore.”

    • Do you work your legs at all with strength training? That will be a huge help, as is core work. The stronger your body is, the better it can handle the impact of running. Even just doing some “toe points” will work those shins and strengthen them which will prevent shin splints and other achy yucky feelings from running (sit on the floor and put your legs straight in front of you on the floor – lift your right leg and point your toe/flex your foot/point your toe/flex your foot – keep doing that for a bit and then switch sides). I learned this from barre n9ne and it’s made a humongous difference!

  2. UGH,YES. I was thinking the exact thing last night during the stretch in class where I still can barely touch my shins, let alone my toes!! I don’t want to shy away from it either! Let’s do it

    • But we’ve already come so far – I can tell we’re gaining flexibility, even if we’re not nearly as flexible as we’d like to be. We WILL. I have such faith 🙂

    • thanks for the vote of confidence – I’d love it if happened in less than a month. Honestly, I’d love it if I could touch my toes at all, whenever it happens – it’s the little things, right?

    • I knowwww – and I honestly think it was YOU who got me thinking about my flexibility issues all that time ago. I’ve been working on it, believe it or not, before the challenge but now am REALLY focusing on it. Making a good deal of difference, I must say. You are so smart, I need to listen to you more, huh? 😉

  3. Ouch! Touching my toes hurts. My hamstrings need some serious attention. I have to really focus on improving my flexibility to keep running strong.

  4. I have full faith in you that you’ll be able to touch your toes in the next month! What a day that will be. Can’t wait to read your post about it. 🙂 I’ve definitely made excuses for myself just like that – for years (and still at times) I claim to lack flexibility, but I’m learning that’s not really the case. I really try not to make excuses for myself anymore. It only stifles me and my growth as a person, you know?

  5. Yep flexibility is a hard one, it’s definitely an area I need to work on too. I’m finding the dvd Relief from the Beachbody Asylum Insanity really helpful in increasing my flexibility plus there is some eye candy from Shaun T.

  6. You will BOTH touch your toes by the end of this challenge! I can see improvement already. I love your eagerness to get flexible instead of just saying “I’m not flexible!” You are so close! Keep stretching!!!!

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