Sixeggs in a half dozen.

Sixsides on a dice.

Sixstrings on a guitar.


Sixinches lost. 30 days into the barre n9ne 60-day transformation.


Nevermind my sister who lost over EIGHT inches, overall.

In 30 days.

I am floored. I honestly went into this challenge with no expectations other than to see *some* change. To learn a lot. And to have some fun along the way.

30 days in and I’ve gained (or lost!) so much more:

a real friendship in Tanya, the owner and lead instructor at Barre N9ne (and awesome blogger, check her out!). She truly cares about us and has been an amazing source of inspiration and encouragement. I feel lucky to have met her through this challenge. And I sense great things to come between the three of us, 60 days in and beyond.

more confidence in my abilities. And a willingness to trust my body to do what my mind doesn’t always think is possible. And watching change happen almost before my eyes.

an even stronger bond with my sister, my sister who has struggled recently with body image issues. To see her eyes sparkle again with pride, to see it in her text message to me right after we got off of our skype chat with Tanya last night (where she revealed our inches lost) that said: “wow :)” And I knew, just by that short text, that she was REALLY damn proud of herself (and me). It made my heart swell with joy.

losing inches. Like legit inches lost. Six to be exact. I am still in total awe.

I’m in total awe yet now I am that much more motivated to keep my game face on (within reason, don’t worry!) for the last 30 days of this challenge. And — I’m incredibly thankful. Thankful to Tanya for giving us this amazing opportunity. Thankful that my body has not let me down. Thankful that this challenge isn’t over yet! 😉

So, like I said when we kicked off this challenge in May, I’ll say it again…Bring. It. On.