The mirror

What I see in the mirror today – 30+ days into the barre n9ne challenge – is quite different from what I would say I “saw” just a month or two ago.

Previously, mirrors revealed flaws.

Mirrors left me questioning, wondering, wishing.

Now, mirrors reveal something new:






When I looked in the mirror during Monday’s barre n9ne method class, I made a point of staring at myself in the mirror. Without shame. I stared at my legs as we plied and plied and plied some more. I stared into my own eyes and watched them sparkle with joy (yes, I find joy in the oh-so-painful barre work that makes up much of that class!).

And for the first time – the mirror didn’t make me question, wonder, wish.

Instead, the mirror showed me the good in me. Not the flaws.

Sure I still have flaws. We all do. But I didn’t see them this time. I looked past them and saw the good, the things that I’m proud of. It felt like a breakthrough.

And once again this reminds me that I am so grateful for this (barre n9ne) opportunity.

So I urge you – next time you look in that mirror, do not let it “show” you the flaws. Let that mirror “show” you all of the things that you’re proud of. The freckles on your nose or arms or chest. The way your shoulders stand proud when you stand with proper posture. The way your face might not be totally symmetrical, but is still perfectly imperfect. How your eyes look when you smile back at yourself in the mirror. Look for beauty. How does it make you feel?