(Almost) Wordless Sunday or NYC in pictures

Amazing weekend in NYC. Knocked off a bucket list item. Spent lots of time with some of my favorite people. Embraced the mirror. And celebrated love…

“Cozy” room at the Yotel (really cool hotel, I must say)

Like I said, embracing that mirror! This is us before a delicious dinner at Bar Americain (Bobby Flay’s restaurant) to celebrate 7 years all over again…

(isn’t he cuuuuute?)

Running through Central Park (um, it was as awesome as I’d hoped!)

Our sweaty selves (totally posted this picture even though I hesitated because it’s not the most glamorous shot but then remembered Dorry’s post recently and stuck it in here…perfectly imperfect, yeah?)

Celebrating love – a gorgeous wedding in Central Park at the Shakespeare Garden. Perfect. ❤

24 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Sunday or NYC in pictures

  1. Love the post sis! And the pics came out great, guess everyone can read your post (er, view) for pics since I won’t post any on mine 😉 It was an awesome weekend together!!! Such a blast and I am so glad we got to experience this wedding together too, it was perfection. (and ps wtf is up with this last pic, where am I looking?!)

    • It was a beautiful weekend – I LOVED spending it almost entirely with you and M too. Great bonding time, fo sho! AND I’m still so darn proud of us for embracing both the mirror AND the food log this weekend. We didn’t too half bad, did we? Go us 😉

    • I made sure to include LOTS of pics just for you. I know how you love them so. 😉 And thank you – the dress was SO comfortable I must say and I felt pretty in it (for once!), not gonna lie. And you’re right – totally from The Limited!!

  2. wonderful post and pics. glad you could run through central park and make a wish come true. i thought of your CP-run during yesterday’s half marathon, which led the runners through the ‘english garden’ in munich – a beautiful and very large park (even larger than central park, can you imagine?!) where we could see e.g. a shepherd and his sheep (!!). i hope i can run through central park one day, too. PS: you look so pretty in that dress and the two of you are such a wonderful couple! happy 7th anniversary!

      • Just wrote a post about in and gonna publish it on Wednesday. Unfortunately in German. 😦 The knee was fine and the run was fantastic. The park is beautiful and the atmosphere (all runners are wearing the same shirts: orange!) is fantastic. I felt completely confident and I had to think about what you once wrote about “me time” when running. My head was completely empty – in a good way – and I was only listening to my heart, my breath, the birds. No thoughts, no worries, no things spinning around in my head. Just great! I’m already checking out which of your many motivating post would be a good link to be included in my post. Let’s see what I can find 😉 When is your next half?

      • I LOVE IT, Julia!! That is so awesome. I am so proud of you for letting go and just going with it. I knew you’d do an awesome job!! What was your finishing time?

        My next half is in about 7 weeks – it’s on Sun, August 14. I am actually really excited about it and really pretty happy with how training is going so far. For me, this race is all about building confidence so I can truly finish what I started this time around.

  3. It looks like an amazing time was had by all. You’re looking fabulous, Jess! Here’s to living life, crossing things off the bucket list, and enjoying the people you love.

  4. I’ve got to hand it to the two most identical people I’ve ever seen: you have equally AMAZING shoulders. 🙂 Those dresses really show them off!

    And by the way, um, perfectly imperfect? Imperfect? You’re a turd (haha)…I’m sorry, that’s the most perfect running picture ever. 😛

    • Aw you are so sweet, that is probably the best compliment I’ve ever received, no lie. Thank you, friend! PS. I’m not a turd (LOL), that picture is NOT my best, but then again, *should* you look your best after running on a hot muggy summer day? I think not 🙂

  5. I run the half marathon in 2:25:25 which is 11 mins faster than last time. Still quite slow, I know. And slower that I wanted to be (2:15:00) But with the injured knee two weeks ago and a few runs I had to cancel during the training period, still a good result for me. But what was even more important: I felt good, I felt happy, I felt confident in my mental and physical health. So I’m very happy with the result anyway and can’t wait to start “the marathon project” 😉

    • NICELY DONE!!! 11 mins faster than your last half, that is something to truly celebrate!! I am so proud of you!!! I am especially proud of how you felt during this half – it’s EXACTLY how I want to feel after my next half and I hope I kill that goal more than any time goal I might have.

      Marathon project?? Do tell!!

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