Let’s rock this week, shall we?

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my picture-filled post from yesterday – I tried to include as many shots as I could since I so rarely include lots of pictures in my posts. It was an amazing weekend, can’t say it enough!

<oh and before I forget, check me out at InMyTummy, I wrote a guest post for Lee while she’s been in Mexico celebrating her anniversary. It’s all about barre, what else?? ;-)>

But alas – the week is upon us and guess what? I’m ready to rock this week. Just about three weeks left of the barre n9ne challenge and I’m itching for a butt-kicking this week. I’m also itching to continue to up those miles so I have some good, longer runs on the books for the week. And I’m ready to kill it.

Know what else I’m ready to kill? The food log – which I must say, I am damn proud of myself for keeping things well under control this weekend in NYC. I made smart choices, ate mindfully, but I enjoyed myself. I didn’t feel deprived – and on the flip side, I didn’t feel like I gorged myself at all. Which is quite the change for me when it comes to vacations and weekends away. I have the tendency to really stuff my face overdo it when it comes vacations so the fact that I stuck to my food log (for the most part) and still came away from the weekend feeling happy and content? That is a huge step for me. Another “win” on what continues to be an awe-inspiring 60 day challenge. Can’t say it enough.

So let’s get to it, shall we? Are you ready to rock this week like nobody’s business?? Here’s my plan (like I always say, blogging out my workout schedule for the week is huge for accountability!):

Sunday – rest (lonnnng day of driving home from NYC!)
Monday – 5.0 mile run in the AM: barre n9ne method in the PM
Tuesday – no AM run (sniff!); barre n9ne lean & tone in the PM
Wednesday – 6.5 or 7 mile run in the AM
Thursday – 6 mile run in the AM (rundate style!); barre n9ne long & lean legs; barre n9ne fusion in the PM
Friday – rest
Saturday – aiming for an 8 miler