How you doin’?

How you doin’? <—said in my best “Joey” voice from Friends

But seriously, how ARE you doing today? 

Do you ever take the time to sit back and think about how you feel – I mean, how you really and truly feel? You might ask your sister, or brother, or husband, or wife, or mom, or friend, or colleague. But do you ever take stock of you?

I did that last night, actually during barre n9ne barre fusion class, believe it or not. In the midst of all those plies at the barre and endless shoulder reps, I took time to focus my thoughts inward. I asked myself “how am I doing today? Right now? How do I feel?” And to be honest, it was really the first time I’d ever really thought to ask myself that very question. I usually just go with the flow and spend more time making sure others are doing well (I guess I am a nurturer more than I realize, huh? note to self…) around me.

So anyway, when asking myself these questions, I came up with a few answers:
I feel happy.
I feel strong, sturdy even.
I feel confident.
I feel healthy.
And I feel worked.

And I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but I can’t help myself – much of these emotions I’m feeling are due to the incredible experience that is the barre n9ne 60-day challenge. Sure, I’ve been working on confidence and self-image for awhile now as you know, but feeling as strong and as “worked” as I do right now is most certainly due in large part to what we’ve been doing with barre n9ne and through half marathon training too, can’t leave that one out – it’s  a biggie.

So I guess my point with today’s post is this – that we all deserve to take time for ourselves. To really think about how we’re feeling, if what we’re doing is making us happy, making us feel whole. Similar to what Melissa started over at her blog, I think we need to start taking time for us – even just that mental 5 minute temperature check where you ask yourself “how you doin'” from time-to-time. You might be surprised by your own response.

Which leads me to my next question – warning, this takes participation, and I hope you’ll partake!

Just take just a couple of minutes today to ask yourself this:  “How you doin’?” and report back. Give me five words to describe how you are feeling today. Let’s call it “Temperature Check Thursday.”