Truly, there are no words to describe what was a perfect summertime weekend in New England. So I won’t bother trying to do it justice with words and instead, I leave you with a few pictures that sum up it up quite nicely.

In a word: (((Summertime)))

(Prosecco on the beach, what could be better, I ask?)

(I mean really, is she *not* the cutest niece on the planet or what??)

(can’t get enough self-portraits, sorry folks!!)

Ok, so these pictures don’t even scratch the surface of this weekend. There was lots of time spent with the cutest niece that ever existed, lots of time with friends at dinner on Friday night, at the beach on Saturday and Monday, and a few rundates thrown in for good measure. But mostly, it was just one of those weekends that just seemed to go as slowly as I wanted and needed it to. Sure, I’d love a FOUR day weekend, but these past three days were just wonderful. A total recharge.

And, like I said: (((summertime)))

And now down to business…my workout plan ‘o the week, can ya dig it?? (and can you believe there are just TWO weeks left of the barre n9ne challenge?? I can’t…and don’t want to see it end *sniffle*)

Sunday – started out as a “short omg my legs are killing me from Friday’s 8 miler” recovery run and became a really hilly but surprisingly awesome 5k
Monday – group run with Scott, my sister and M, ended up being about 5.5 miles, all before copious amounts of beach time 🙂
Tuesday – 6.5 miler in the AM; barre n9ne lean & tone (barre n9ne how I’ve missed you so!)
Wednesday – barre fusion
Thursday – rundate with the sis (drill style, oh yeah!); barre n9ne long & lean legs and barre n9ne fusion
Friday – 8 miler (let’s hope this one feels as good as the last 8-miler!)
Saturday – REST day