A (running) comedy of errors

I have a little story to tell you.

Let’s call it: “A (running) comedy of errors”

Scott and I left for our run this morning – not at the originally planned 5am, though. We originally thought we’d head out extra early to avoid the muggy air but once that alarm went off, we both knew we needed juuuust a little bit more sleep. Ironically, ten minutes later it started to pour (let’s call this a foreshadowing of what’s to come). So we slept another half hour, expecting the rain to clear out by then.

And clear out, it did. The air was cooler thanks to the rain – perfect for an 8.5-miler! We got all geared up – me with my hydration belt, watch, and patella straps, per the usual. And off we went.

Cue error #1: hydration belt fail. The last time I wore it was a couple of weeks ago and it kept slipping on me. The horror! The iFitness hydration belt that promised not to slip – and didn’t slip at ALL the first time I wore it about 6 weeks ago, was riding up, like whoa. Driving me nuts. My husband kept telling me to quit fidgeting and finally gave up and said, give ME the hydration belt. He claims my waist is “too skinny” now (man, is he trying to win husband of the year award or what??) and that’s why the belt was slipping. So – I reluctantly gave him the belt, feeling badly that he’d have to deal with the slippage. He claims that he never felt it once on his waist though, so either he’s a great liar and was taking one for the team, or it fit him better than me today for some reason.

Anyway, once the hydration belt annoyance was behind us, it was smooth sailing. Gorgeous morning, overcast, slightly muggy but nothing horrible. We made the loop back at the halfway point and I was feeling great. SO great. That is, until error #2 decided to pop up.

Side cramp. BIG time side cramp. So stubborn, wouldn’t go away no matter how much I slowed my pace and how calmly I kept my breathing. I reluctantly stopped to walk for about 30 seconds. Twice. It was still there but bearable. So, in typical Scott fashion, he murmurs “suck it up, Sally!” and off we went.  Side cramp or no side cramp, this was go-time. We only had about two miles left afterall.

And then – error #3 strikes: rain. First just a light mist. No biggie. We got this. Let’s roll. Then the drops start to get bigger and bigger until it’s a full-out downpour. Neither of us had our hats on (we’ll call that error #4) so the rain was dripping down our face. BUT – here’s the thing. I still felt great. The side cramp was gone. My legs felt really good. I wasn’t overly tired. I honestly think, had it not started to pour, I could’ve run even farther than the 8.5. That is…

…until it started to thunder. And lightening (eeeek). Cue error #5.

Thank god we were on the last half mile by this point. We hauled ass to the finish, lemme tell ya. And it felt kind of bad-ass – sprinting to the finish, rain pouring down around us, lightening flashing. Ain’t no thang if you’re a Sutera, apparently. 😉

And this, my friends is what 8.5 miles + a side cramp + a finicky hydration belt + thunder + downpours + lightening looks like:

(sorry – grainy iPhone shot)

A (running) comedy of errors – no? But in the end, it was my best training run yet. Even better than the 8-mile high from last week. Yes, even better. Talk about running nirvana. 😉

BTW – just because I’ve been blogging about running an awful lot lately doesn’t mean the barre n9ne challenge is far from my mind. Because guess what?? Next week is our FINAL WEEK!!!! And it’s going to be a killer week of workouts, I’ll say that. Bring. It. On. 60-days, almost done!!