Things I’ve learned…barre n9ne-style

60 days (almost) done in this, the barre n9ne 60-day challenge.

During last night’s two-fer, I spent a few minutes gazing around the room, thinking about what an amazing, interesting, introspective, blessed experience this has been. And it was those moments last night (when Tanya was literally kicking our butts) that got me thinking.

About a few things I’ve learned…barre n9ne style: 

  • That barre? Isn’t quite so fun to sidle up to as the bar at your favorite restaurant on Newbury St., Boston. (But it’s way better for your midsection, that’s for sure.) 
  • Those gray balls – the teeny tiny barely one-pounders? They’re little bastards. Yeah, I said it.  (but damn, I credit those gray balls for giving me stronger, more defined shoulders than ever before…)
  • The blue balls though, now those are the gray balls evil, and much larger, twin. Nothing good ever comes of those blue balls <—is this a TWSS moment or what? (but I have to give thanks to those blue balls that work the inner thighs like nobody’s business at that barre, ouchie)
  • Don’t even get me started on the innocent-sounding floor work. If you ever hear “side leg series,” — brace yourself. The longest minutes of your life. For reals. (But the only leg work that has ever gotten my legs as lean as they are now. )
  • That is, second to ‘thigh dancing’ — sounds equally innocent and fun, right? Notsomuch. Five minutes that leave your thighs in searing pain – but don’t worry, it’s the hurt-so-good kind of pain. (leaves those thighs nice and taut, though. Worth. It.)
  • And finally, similar to those wimpy looking gray balls? The teeny little 2-3 pound hand weights have a way of smirking at you if you look at them wrong. Never doubt the power of five thousand reps at 2 lbs apiece. Ever. (hello long and lean and toned arms, I love you so…)
  • But most of all? I’ve learned that I am far stronger than I’ve ever, ever, ever given myself credit for. And finally, I am finishing what I’ve started. Finishing it like a pro.

Damn. What an incredible 57 days it’s been. Three more to go – and I *still* (despite last night’s two-fer throttling) say: Bring. It. On. 😉

20 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned…barre n9ne-style

  1. Ha-ha, I love this. Blue balls! HATE them so! Total TWSS too. Let’s see what else do I love to hate? For some reason, I hate leg lifts. I used to love them but now they make me angry sometimes. In a good way though, because I can feel it working wicked hahd. I also still love to hate planks (that will never die!) but what do I LOVE? PLIES!! LOVE THEM!!!

    • *Total* TWSS moment, tee hee 😉
      I have to say – I have love/hate/love with plies. They are so damn effective but they also hurt so much after ohhhh say five million reps! But I guess that’s the same with ANY moves done in these workouts. Sooo many reps, burns so good! hehe

  2. “Side leg series” is the 3 most feared words in my morning virtual barre classes! As soon as Tanya says it….I know I might die. Haha. Really it’s only a minute….but it feels like 50. 🙂

    You gals are doing fantastic! I can’t wait to hear how your 60th day goes!!

    • LOLOL seriously – Tanya LOVES that damn side leg series. But for good reason – that sh*t works! My legs are so much leaner thanks to that series alone, I swear it.

    • Seriously – sooo tricky, right?? Not innocent AT ALL! But SO WORTH IT! I’m thinking we’ll have to bring you to a barre n9ne class when you visit – you would KILL a class like that given your dancer background!!

  3. that’s so cool that you got to do such a fun 60 day challenge and you’ve learnt so much from the experience. Thinking of challenging myself to some fitness challenge, not sure what yet.

    • Totally!! We actually have a blast in the studio – we all sort of band together to get ‘er done, moaning and groaning our way through the intensity of each move. Seriously bonding!! I think you should try it if you can, it is awesome!!

  4. The grey balls!! I remember my second or third class was on a Saturday morning, and me and another girl where in the studio bitchin about those balls, and wondering how much they must weigh. We both guessed 3 lbs. Julianna poked her head in and was like “ughhh, they’re a pound each!”. They hurt so good, though.

    • HAHA Julianna must’ve loved to break that bit of news to you, huh? Seriously – *just* one pound KILLS when done five jillion times!! I’m proud to say I made it through the shoulder series last night even though it was a FULL FIVE MINUTES long thanks to Tanya’s playlist last night 😉

  5. I know all about thigh-dancing and back dancing – both evil! i have loved following your 57-day journey! what an amazing experience for you!

  6. I love this post and I love you girls! I truly believe everything happens for a reason and you were brought to barre n9ne to help me spread the word and in turn help you change your fitness lifestyle forever 🙂 Can’t wait until tonight! oh and p.s. thigh dancing is 2 mins 55 seconds to be exact jus sayin’ 😉

    • I totally agree – it was meant to be (whoa, just rhymed there for a sec, haha). I am SO SO SO excited about tonight and also about what the future holds, it’s going to be nothing short of amazing.

      And um, are you SURE thigh dancing is *only* 2:55?? It feels like at LEAST 5 minutes of pain!!

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