5,000 thoughts

5,000 thoughts.

That’s the average amount of thoughts running around in our brains on any given day of the week.

I’d hazard a guess that I knock most of those thoughts out during my early-AM rundate’s with Scott. Today was different though. I woke up at 5am and realized two things: whoa, am I sore and damn, am I exhausted. I quickly made the decision to skip the run in favor of an unplanned rest day. I knew it was the right decision when I woke up 90 mins later feeling more refreshed and rested.


I really missed that run this morning. I needed it, mentally. Lots of thoughts going on up in that brain of mine, 5,000 of which I probably would’ve mulled over on our run. If we had gone. Yet, physically, I needed the break – especially given tomorrow’s barre n9ne three-peat finale and Friday’s 9-miler planned.

So – I’m battling my brain today, far too many thoughts to keep up with.

A sampling…

Seriously? Did I really see the same exact car with the same exact dude who I was stuck behind last night (ultimately making me late to barre n9ne!) again on my commute back to work this morning?? Something is severely wrong with that.

Man do I hurt. My abs. My shoulders. My back. My glutes.

How come I can’t be like Peter from Office Space and just stop paying bills. Stop going to work. Enjoy the good life without giving a rat’s a$$ about responsibility, obligations, life’s “have to do” versus “want to do” lists?

Sigh. I’m worn out. Mentally. Doing lots of giving, lots of peacekeeping, and it’s a lot to keep up with. I’m a giver. It’s what I do. But even a giver needs a break…

Is the barre n9ne challenge really over tomorrow?? *sniffle*

Whoa – tomorrow marks one month mark before the YuKanRun half marathon. And I’m hearing that it might be a hillier course than I expected. Must drive the route soon. Really soon.

On that note, I’m oddly excited for Friday’s long run. This training cycle has been surprisingly good to me. Hm, I better not have just jinxed myself…

I could really go for a bowl of ice cream. Or a slice of pizza. Or a glass of wine. Or all three. Hungry horrors alert. Must go fill my water bottle up…

The moral of this story? Running keeps those 5,000 thoughts flowing. It’s also my mental mecca. And I miss it today, oh man do I miss it… <sits and thinks hmm…perhaps I can run tonight, solo. Bad idea?>

5,000 thoughts…and counting. 

18 thoughts on “5,000 thoughts

  1. I’m so glad you are taking a rest day today! Just reading all of that brought me back to where I was a month or so ago and I totally feel for you! Hugs!

    Although I am still wanting to be more like Peter and less like me. I actually can’t watch that movie anymore (despite owning two copies of it) because it just gets me too depressed.

    And don’t go running tonight. Rest. Enjoy it! You have earned it!

    • aww thanks for the hug my dear, it made me feel much better, trust me. 🙂

      I think you’re right about two things – Office Space (funny but can get really depressing really fast) and that I need to rest even though a run would totally clear my head.

  2. Obviously I have a catrillion thoughts going through my head too. Like the fact that the half marathon is so close and yet I feel so far. I am still determined to do it. I hope I can. On the other hand, I can’t wait to measure-in tomorrow 🙂

  3. i love the randomness of this post! often i feel like my mind is running a mile a minute with so many thoughts running thru them. hope the traffic gets better, the aches go away you have a wonderful conclusion to the barre challenge!

    • It was random – but then, that’s how this brain works sometimes. what can I say. 😉
      thank you you for ALWAYS being so ridiculously supportive!! You’re the best! I can’t wait to report back on the results after tomorrow!!

  4. OK, so since I tried a barre class for the 1st time yesterday, I just went back to read some of your posts about it. I went to Pure Barre, but I also want to try Bar Method and see which one I like better. Then there’s Core Fusion at Exhale – I go there for yoga classes, but I’ve never taken Core Fusion. I don’t even really know much about it!

    I understand that mental cleansing from a morning run, but it’s wise to listen to your body and rest! Otherwise, your brain would have a whole different set of sleepy issues to deal with. 🙂

  5. The hamster is constantly running on the wheel in my brain. Haha, I hate it sometimes! Sounds like you have a lot going on little lady:) Keep up all the hard work, you truly are an inspiration. And one month until the half marathon! Yayayay:)

  6. Um, I totally put up a Facebook status of “Cookies are calling my naaaaame! Time to down some water.” Looks like you had one of those days, too! Ha!

    I can totally relate to the 5000 thoughts deal…I was thinking so much today, especially about goals, and (put up a status about that, too) I just had to sit back and just zone out.

    I can’t believe your barre n9ne challenge is done…time really flies these days. I can’t wait to hear how the second half of the challenge was for you and Jo!!!

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