In one month…13.1

In just one month, I’ll be running the YuKanRun half marathon.

And as I sit here and think about it, I’m feeling really good with one month left of training to go. I’m not sure if I am feeling stronger because I’m training differently this half vs. the last half marathon (more on this in a sec). Or if it’s because I have one half under my belt, I’m less nervous about what to expect. Or if it’s because I’ve gained overall confidence thanks in large part to half training overlapping with what has turned into an unforgettable, life-changing barre n9ne challenge.

Somehow, I definitely think it’s a combination of all of these things. But most of all, I’m feeling able. And feeling able brings with it such confidence. A confidence that I wish and I hope my sister will rediscover as she struggles through a runner’s “rut” (for lack of a better phrase). Because I know she’s able and fit and CAN run this half marathon with me, but the key is – she needs to know that, too. (you reading this, sis? ;-) ) I’m proud of her determination and strength in facing this battle, head-on. (sorry, quick digression there…)

As for training itself? I’ve sort of come up with my own formula that seems to be working well for me. The last training cycle for the Wicked Half was my first attempt at training for such long distances. And I think I overdid it with too many longer runs and not enough consistent, mid-distance runs during training. So this time? My ‘formula’ involves four training runs per week – one fairly short run (4-5 miles); two mid-range runs (6-7 miles) and one long run (anywhere from 8-11 miles by the end.

And this formula is working for me. I can’t say it works for everyone – I’ve seen so many of you train for half marathons and each of you brings a unique slant to training. For me, this style of training has given me consistency which has improved my endurance. Sure, I should probably be tossing some hill repeats and speed work in there but you know what? I’m not necessarily running this race for speed…in fact, I know I’m not (as odd as it sounds). Sure, I’d love to PR in this half.

But it’s not my focus.

My focus is running a race that I’m proud of, a race that I can walk away from and say “I finished what I started.”

And that’s what I intend to do with this half marathon. The final weeks of training? Well – you guessed it, I’m sticking to my formula. Hoping my long run this week will be 9 miles, next week 10, the week after that 11 and the final week before the half 11 or maybe 12 (maybe). But I’m keeping those numbers loose intentionally. I’m focusing on each week as individual training cycles versus one gigantic training regime. It feels less daunting that way and makes this whole half marathon nonsense a lot more approachable. But maybe that’s just me. 😉

YuKanRun Half – I’m coming for you. Are you ready for me??

In other news…this afternoon marks the official end of the barre n9ne 60-day challenge. But I can guarantee that it’s not truly the end…there is more to come. Which I promise to share when I’m able to. For now, it’s a secret. 😉 (how’s that for being vague??)

I will, however, be back to report on how the final three-peat of barre n9ne goes tonight (oy!) and what our final results (the big measure-in!) reveal. 6″ inches in 30 days…how many in 60?? 😉