Can’t. Stop. Sweating.


And I knew it the second I stepped outside that this would be the end-result.
Total sweatfest.

I guess that’s what happens when your long run ends up being on the hottest day the Boston area has seen in ten years. Hottest – and also the most humid. I swear it was like running through soup, humidity felt like it was at 100%.

So I guess you’re all wondering  — “did she make it all 10 miles?”
The answer is no.

And I’m totally fine with the 7 miles we put in this morning. Which is a transition for me. I’d normally sit around beating myself up after for not doing the workout “as planned.” But smarts kicked in for a change (doesn’t always happen!) and I knew it would be safer to cut it short than to push it out another 3 miles. It was just too muggy, too hard to breathe and honestly? I wanted to finish this run and feel proud of it – that I pushed it, but not so much so that I’d feel downright sick afterwards. Score one for me?

Speaking of transitions — I got to thinking about my training last summer versus this summer. And how I felt, how I trained, how I reacted in certain situations.

I am pretty sure one of three things would have happened if this was the “me” from last summer:
…I would have taken one look at the forecast and canceled the run outright; or
…I would have attempted to run but given up about 2 miles in; or
…I would have attempted the run but felt panicky and nervous about how I’d feel during such a tough weather run that it would end up being the worst run ever.  

But the “me” today tackle the run today entirely differently:
…I woke up and bounded out of bed, excited that today was our long run day.
…I set foot outside and knew the muggies were pretty bad and wasn’t afraid. I set my mind to running this long run, and running it well.
…I kept my pace up and made sure to hydrate throughout (thanks to Scott for once again being the iFitness hydration belt wearer!).
…and finished the 7 miles strong, a dash through the sprinklers and with a huge smile on my face. Proud of what I accomplished. Not frustrated that we didn’t do what we “planned” to do mileage wise.

This is a transition that I’m really proud to share. I think it shows growth, maturity, strength in how I’ve evolved as a runner. And it gives me even more confidence in my abilities leading into August 14 and the YuKanRun Half Marathon.

I got this. I know I do. 🙂

33 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Sweating.

  1. Congrats on 7 — I don’t know how you even did that much. I did 3 and it was complete torture. I’m supposed to do 11 tomorrow but I plan to find a treadmill.

    • It was weird – it started out feeling rather torturous but once I got going and was ALL sweaty, it sort of didn’t matter anymore. I was a huge sweaty mess – how much worse could it get, you know what I mean? At least that’s what I kept telling myself 😉 Good luck on 11 tomorrow!!

  2. Seriously – I am so impressed you did 7 miles! I could barely bang out three without vomiting yesterday morning, and I’m grateful for an off day today. You are amazing!

    • LOL you crack me up Amber! I’m not gonna lie – there was one point where I thought I might throw up so I stopped, grabbed a sip of water and the feeling passed. Thank GOD! I am SO SO SO grateful that tomorrow is a rest day!!! I’ll be planted lake-side all day in Maine. Woot!

    • I can be stubborn that way – I REALLY wanted to run and was excited to get out there today. Figured might as well adjust to it just in case the half ends up being this humid or something. But PLEASE, let’s hope that’s not the case!! Happy Friday!!

  3. Nicely done sis, it WAS tough to run today, but thankfully I was just that much closer to the water where it was 10 degrees cooler and it wasn’t nearly as bad to bang out 5 (WITH hills thankyouverymuch!) 😉 Glad you aren’t beating yourself up, I love this.

    • I’m jealous of those 10 degrees – the only time it got a TEENY bit cooler was over the bridge on our route by the water, but even then, the difference was really minor. I’m really proud of this run and REALLY proud of your run – hills and all!! You are rockin’ and rollin’ sis!!

  4. thta is awesome! I am in the mindset that you were in last summer! I hope I can get into the mindset you are currently in soon! 🙂 Maybe it means I am still growing in my running! (hopefully! Next year i want to run a half! and I am currently only running 5k’s at max! 🙂

    • You can definitely get there. You want it, now go get it, right?? That’s the mentality I have right now – if I want it, I have to really want it and then I can go for anything I put my mind to. Same goes for you!!

  5. I think knowing when you need to stop and cut a run a little bit shorter is the smartest thing you can do for yourself when training. And I definitely agree – much nicer to finish a run on a high note than to crank out another 3 painful, crappy miles.

    • Totally. And even though I COULD have kept going, I knew the end result would’ve been frustration at a good run turning crappy in the end. Much better to do the 7 miles and be happy with it. Which I totally am!

  6. Love this transition talk! It’s so awesome to see ourselves change by learning to take our own advice…and make smart decisions. Congrats on 7 miles, and you definitely have your upcoming half marathon!

  7. I have so much admiration for you and all the other runners who run in such terrible humidity. I am so spoiled in San Francisco – anything about 70 degrees and I’m dying. Great job chica!

    • You are absolutely right – over a year of blog friendship, I love it! I especially love that you can see the change in mindset in me from then to now, that means so much to hear!

  8. You go girl! You listened to your body (and mind) and that’s always what’s best.

    I’m surely hoping it cools down in Boston soon though because my long runs are crawling up for the Newport half!

  9. While I’m so jealous that you’re out there running and I’m not…I know you’re working your booty off on your runs. This heat is absolutely miserable. It’s not so bad when the humidity is down, but holy moly, this is insane. You’re rocking it, Jess.

    • You have no idea how grateful I am that this week has brought MUCH cooler temps and WAY less humidity. Relief, big time. I’m so sad that your ankle is still sore – but the one thing that being injured as taught me is that it reminds me just how grateful I am to be ABLE. When I was injured last year, it was a smack of reality I needed. To never, ever take being ABLE for granted.

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