Sharing the love

I’ve deemed today “Sharing the love – EatDrinkBreatheSweat – style.” 

…I love this blogging community. The outpouring of support and love after yesterday’s post on my husband’s new job was amazing. I still can’t get over the kind words from each of you. I’ve been re-reading them all morning! So thank you.  ❤

…I love celebrating the beautiful people in my life. In this case, I’m borrowing from Dorry’s post this morning and wishing Lindsay an amazing and beautiful birthday. She is seriously one of the kindest most loving people I have ever met. Happy day, my dear!

…I love sharing joyful moments with others. Especially when those joyful moments revolve around a shared love of fitness! The other night, one of my close friends Steph (she ran the last half marathon with us and is running the next one with us as well!), came to her first barre n9ne class with us.  She’s about to embark on the next 60-day challenge and naturally wanted to try a class first (even though she’s already committed to the challenge, haha). I LOVED sharing those moments with her – I could tell that she was getting a lot out of the class but it wasn’t until we left the studio and started to chat that I could tell that she was totally awe-struck by barre n9ne. It was the coolest thing ever – to finally have someone IRL to share barre n9ne with (other than my sister, obv!). The joy on her face was beautiful to see. I’ve never seen her THAT happy and smiley after a workout in my life. And we’ve done a lot of workouts together. HA! So yes, I’m thrilled to share my love of barre n9ne with another friend – maybe now I won’t come across as much of a crazy person when I talk about barre n9ne now. Maybe. 😉

…I love that I’m learning to be flexible and less tied to a set tried-and-true training schedule. Ever since I started training for the half marathon and embarking on the barre n9ne challenge, I’ve been giving myself two full rest days. For me – two rest days used to be unheard of (one rest day was hard enough to deal with!). But the beatings I’ve been giving my body lately and I KNEW that two rests were needed and have now become a welcome occasion (who knew?!). But lately – I’ve scheduled those rests days to take place over the weekend. Can I just tell you how nice it’s been to be completely unscheduled the past few weekends? No worrying about getting a run in before it gets too hot in the mornings, no trying to jam in a workout before  a day of summer fun. Nope. Just rest, and lots of unscheduled fun. It’s been kind of awesome. Highly recommend it. And kinda proud of myself for learning to re-think my workout schedule vs. sticking to “what I have always known.”

…I loved the look on my husband’s face last night when I finally got home from work and barre n9ne to give him a gigantic congratulatory hug and kiss. He opened the door and I said “hi, teach!” His smile, that look in his eyes – of pride, of relief, of joy – was the best sight I’ve ever seen.  So, so, proud.

Wow, this is such a fun list of “loves” – I might have to make this a regular EatDrinkBreatheSweat feature! Of course, now it’s your turn – share the love with me! What are you loving right now!? I’d love to hear about it. 😉