11, my new favorite number?

11 miles. All done. 

11 incheslost (and counting, I hope!). 

Yup, I’m pretty sure 11 is now my new favorite number. Kicking lucky #3 to the curb (a favorite because it signifies being a triplet!). 

Another thing I’m pretty sure of? That I’ll be ambling around like a zombie for the better part of the day. Wow. 11 miles zapped every last bit of energy out of me. Even after a nice long, hot shower and a fueling breakfast (scrambled eggs and a bagel thin with peanut butter, mm), I’m still sort of out of it.

But today’s run was so worth it. It gives me full confidence that I can run all 13.1 of those miles on August 14 and will walk away from that race having ran a race I’m proud of. My #1 goal in all of this.

To finish what I started. And to run proud. 

And I have to say – I felt really good for the vast majority of our run. I made sure to stay hydrated (thanks again to the hubs for wearing the hydration belt!) and took a blox around the halfway point (which really helped). It wasn’t until about mile 8 or 9 that my knees started to yell at me. I remember this distinctly from the last half marathon training – my knees are definitely MUCH happier at the 7-8 mile distance, once I start going longer, they get a little cranky. Nothing some extra stretching and ice won’t cure. But after the knees starting acting up, it was distracting – but I’m happy to say I chugged along and even surprised my husband by going the final loop to make the full 11 miles (he was thinking we’d cut it to 10.5 since my knees were bugging me)!

Even more surprising? When I looked down at my watch at the finish line, it read 1:55:06. That’s pretty fast for me. And it made me SO happy to see. I was thinking we’d hit about 2:00 or so, but coming in under that felt like such an accomplishment! I’m still not talking PR or any race day time goals, but I am pleased with that number, I’ll at least say that. 😉

With just 16 days until the big day, I am loving how I’m feeling right now. Confident, strong, ready to kill all 13.1. Can I get a hell yeah??


22 thoughts on “11, my new favorite number?

    • I can only do such long distances when I get up at 5 and it’s a work-from-home day. Otherwise, it wouldn’t happen!! Though now I’m feeling like a zombie so productivity is a bit of an issue 😉

    • Exactly right – the goal though is not to freak out and feel like that last 3.1 will never be over (that was me in the last half). I need to just power on through those last 3 as strongly as I can! That’s the goal anyway 😉

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  2. Wow! Look at you GO!

    And I’m with you – I couldn’t have done 7 miles before work today if it wasn’t a work from home day. Of course, I wouldn’t have done 7 miles before work today if it weren’t for you doing it first!

    • I can’t believe it’s only 13 days away – and that I’m actually NOT nervous for the big day. last time I ran a half, I was so nervous anytime I even thought about the race. Not so,this time!

  3. So I gave you a hell yeah on the Twitter today, but I wanted to say it again. 🙂 Hell yeah! You’re rockin’ lady, and I love it. Send a little runner’s high my way? I might attempt a light jog tomorrow to get this ankle movin’.

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