Day in the life of a barre n9ne class

Editor’s note: I figured it was high time to give you a little looksie into what an actual barre n9ne class looks like. My mom took these pics at the barre n9ne 60-day challenge kickoff party this past weekend – she did such a great job that I just had to show them off here. Plus, you all know by now that I’m crazy addicted to barre n9ne and would talk about it 24/7 if ya’ll would let me 😉 

Warming up – barre n9ne style

Those evil gray balls – the deadly shoulder series (the one I can now proudly do in it’s entirety without stopping…clearly this requires lots of concentration, hence the ultra-serious facial expression here)

Tricepsin a word: killer.  Jo demonstrates it so well here. Check out those sexy arms!

At the barre (my favorite part, love-to-hate that shake!)

Plies at the barre keep those toes up!

(editor’s note – yes there *is* a woman at the barre in a dress, she didn’t come prepared to take the demo class but wanted to get a feel for it before committing to the challenge – talk about a trooper!) 

Thigh dancingthis one is must-experience barre n9ne move. By the third set, your thighs are HATING you. ❤

Smabs (that’s the technical term Jo and I  made up for ‘some abs’, catchy, right?)

Whew. There’s MUCH more to it than what I’ve shown you here – this was a shortened ‘demo’ class for any barre n9ne newbies but at least now you have a feel for what it’s all about.  

Kinda makes you wanna take a barre class like barre n9ne now doesn’t it?

It. Is. SO. Worth. It. 😉 

P.S. Thank you a million times over for all of your super-sweet, super supportive and honest responses to my “I am not perfect” blog post. It was like breathing a huge sigh of relief to hit “publish” and to get responses that made me feel less crazy for how I was feeling at that moment in time over the weekend. So thank you, again and again and again!

27 thoughts on “Day in the life of a barre n9ne class

  1. LOVE this post sis!! You picked some great pictures 🙂 And mom takes good ones, doesn’t she? This makes me uber excited for class tonight!!

    • It’s likely similar – most barre style workouts have similar themes to them though the techniques usually vary by studio. Definitely give it a shot!! You can also try a virtual barre n9ne class if you wanted to – via skype. That’s a fun option too when in-studio isn’t an option. 🙂

    • The pricing varies depending on how many classes you buy (one class; a 10 pack, a month unlimited, etc.). The studio is in Danvers, MA – and it is seriously the best hidden gem ever. I’m in love .

    • Yes, I’d say it’s similar to Physique57 or Core Fusion – the classes are amazing. They never cease to surprise me with how they leave me feeling afterwards – elated, on cloud n9ne (hehe), totally “worked” in the best way possible. 🙂

      And um, totally blushing at that last bit, you are so cute. thank you 😉 <—me *trying* to take a compliment!

  2. thigh dancing and bar work are my absolute nemesis but i feel so good afterwards! this was a very insightful post to get a better idea of what you’ve been blogging about. AND – i LOVE the look of determination on your faces!

  3. SOOOO many times I’ve read your posts on barre and have wanted to take the class/challenge so bad. But I can’t. 😦 I’m jealous!!! The pics are fab, and you two are naturals when it comes to pics like these! I love it!!! Such beautiful ladies!

    • well you CAN whenever you come back up this way to visit, am I right?? In the meantime, I guess you’ll have to live vicariously through me and Jo, huh? Makes me appreciate this class/studio so much more since I have the luxury of having it nearby to me. I’m glad you loved the pics, it was such a fun post to write, as you know 😉

  4. Fun to see “inside” of what you experience for those 60 days (+)! I keep wanting to take pictures inside the Ryders’ studio but always forget (I brought my camera Once, but it was actually for a charity even they were doing 🙂 ).

    • Yes! That was my goal – to finally give you guys a looksie into what this whole barre n9ne thing is REALLY like. I wish I took video, that would be even better. Next time??
      ohh I’d love to see a Ryders class in action!!

  5. Wow you have me really interested, looks like a neat class. Until your blog I’d never heard of these classes. I have to add i love your workout clothes. You look super cute!

    • They are AWESOME classes, I’m clearly obsessed with them since I can’t stop saying that. haha 😉
      Thank you – the crops are my first ever pair from Lululemon and I LOVE them. The top is from Old Navy, in case you’re wondering!

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    • We were bummed not to see you too – Tanya told us you might be stopping by, what a treat that would’ve been! Now you just have to get your butt down for a class sometime so we can meet up for real!!

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