12 miles closer…

…to finishing what I started. 

And after this morning’s run – our last long training run before the YuKanRun half marathon – and I feel ready for all 13.1 miles.

And I’m most certainly ready to run a race I’m proud of. This has been my ultimate goal since I signed up for this race. Not to PR (though, after today’s run – 12 miles in 2:08, I can see the potential for a PR there…), but to race proud, to race strong, to cross that finish line with a beaming smile.

The route we chose for today’s run was basically a merger of two of our favorite midrange runs. I went into it thinking “Ok, so this is just two routes, kind of like two runs, I can totally do this…” but once I got going, the thought of picking up a second route after “finishing” the first felt kind of daunting. Ok, I’ll be honest – it felt really daunting. So instead, I focused on running the mile I’m in – one of Jo’s blog friends commented on one of her running posts with that phrase and it’s totally stuck with me ever since. And it WORKS, lemme tell ya. Rather than think about all those miles ahead of me – I focused on trucking along, one mile at a time.

What I did notice is that my knees didn’t really start to bug me until the last two or three miles, which I call a victory compared to last week’s 11-miler where my knees started to talk to me around mile 7 or 8. So hopefully, I’m still doing right by them (they aren’t yelling at me now, a good sign…). What also helped was taking two Clif Shot blox vs. just one like I did last week. I swear part of it is mental, but physically it seemed to help me power through when my legs felt particularly heavy.

By the time we rounded the corner to the last half mile before the finish, I was feeling really good – tired, but good. And it surprised me somehow. I remember that last mile of the half last year and how awful I felt, totally burnt out, totally spent, totally DONE (and very dehydrated as  I’d find out later).

The feeling I felt in the last mile of the 12 today is exactly how I want to feel in that last mile next Sunday.
…I know I’ll be tired.
…I know it’ll be hard. 
…But I also know that I’m ready.

To finish what I started. Or, to “crush it” as my friend, Stephanie tweeted to me this morning.

So that’s what I plan to do: crush it. 😉

17 thoughts on “12 miles closer…

  1. Ahh, so exciting Jess, can’t believe it’s SO close to the race day. You are going to do wonderful, and I love your intentions – you are doing this race for you and only you and that’s #1 right there!

  2. Woohoo! you will totally crush it sis!! I am proud of you and for once, not comparing. I know you will finish ahead of me, but that’s ok, this isn’t a race to me, it’s a goal. And the ‘run the mile you’re in’ mentality is what I needed today too, whoaly!

    • I’m just so damn proud of you for overcoming your “lost” running mojo – and in just a couple of weeks! Just looking back at what you’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time period is awesome, shows just how freakin’ determined and strong you are! I can’t wait to cross that finish line, cheers-ing with mimosas at the end 😉

  3. Girl, you are FAST!!! You are going to own this race. I can’t wait to hear all about it! And I know what you mean – it is all so mental.

    • See? I totally don’t think of myself as fast at ALL, but that time for the 12 was kind of a nice surprise! Mind you, we passed this dude on our route who practically bounces up the hill, he’s so long and light on his feet, it’s absurd. I’m like gee thanks dude for showing off – I’m over here trudging along slow and steady and he’s literally BOUNDING along. LOL

  4. YAYY i love the shout out. you made me totally grin. You are going to CRUSH IT! I am soo proud of you! I am soo scared that we are racing next week. You are going to be totally fine and I get so excited for you every moment but then i start freaking out realizing that i have to run at that time too. oh well maybe I will just focus on the mile i am in, or of dreaming of icecream, whatever works, right? Enjoy a well deserved enjoyable weekend in Maine!

    • I love blog friend shout-outs!! Keep your chin up, I hope your foot issues go away so that you can get that race done next weekend like a champ (ice cream always helps, btw). Happy weekend!

  5. I have no doubt that you will dominate this race. You have trained really well for it! And I definitely think that nutrition plays a huge factor in race performance so good job on adding another Clif Blox Shot to your run. I try to fuel every 4-5 miles and it really, really helps.

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