It’s taper time

It’s taper time here at EatDrinkBreatheSweat!

(side note – when you hear the word “taper” does it automatically remind you of tapered jeans and pegged pants circa 1990? Just me?)

I gotta admit, I’m facing this week with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m honest-to-God excited that the half marathon is almost here. I feel strong and ready to take on all 13.1

On the other hand, I can’t help but be slightly wistful that this week includes far fewer miles than the last few weeks have (kind of proud that I topped out at 30 or so miles last week!) – because it signals the “end” of something I’ve grown to love. Yes, I admit – I actually *do* love half marathon training. I love working towards a goal, I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I hit another training milestone, or just the sheer joy of a really good run, regardless of miles, just a good, runners-high-worthy run.

This week, though, also reminds me to enjoy running outside as long as I possibly can. I gotta tell ya – I am dreading this winter. Not just the freezing cold temps, but those early mornings of pitch blackness until 7am which equates to lots of early morning treadmill jaunts (we are not BFFs). I have grown to love, love, love those early, cool, crisp morning runs – and even those mornings that were far too muggy for my liking, I still enjoyed them because it was my time to get my head on straight for the day, just me and my thoughts, feet hitting the pavement, fresh air, and great company (the hubs!).

So – slightly tangential way of saying: this half marathon training cycle has reminded me that running (especially outdoors) is always at the top of my “To Enjoy” list. And if that means learning to love the treadmill this winter, gosh darn it, I’m going to find a way to befriend her, even if we aren’t quite on speaking terms right now. It has also reminded me and shown me, especially in the last few weeks of double-digit running, that I have grown by leaps and bounds as a runner this summer. I love how strong and solid my running feels lately. I feel confident and at ease when I run. And I dig it. So much.

So this week? Yeah, it’s a taper week and a taper week I’ll enjoy, regardless of the miles. I’ll embrace it, using it as a final boost of confidence leading into next weekend’s race.

And if you’re wondering, here’s how this week’s taper looks…
Sunday – rest
Monday – barre n9ne method
Tuesday – 6.5 miler; barre n9ne lean & tone
Wednesday – 4.5 miler
Thursday – barre n9ne legs and barre n9ne fusion
Friday – 5k
Saturday – rest (and carb-loading Sutera pizza style!)
Sunday – RACE DAY!!

35 thoughts on “It’s taper time

  1. I feel a little antsy already too, but on the other hand, am glad to be facing race day so close now!! Me, saying that, wow πŸ˜‰ And it’ll be a good week to just be focused, run well and get mentally prepared!

    • See? That’s my issue too – I guess I am going against the typical definition of a “taper” week but that’s ok with me – I’ve never been one to follow predefined training schedules and such, I’d rather make it up as I go along, do what feels good for me/my body. And this “taper” week feels about right to me so I’m sticking with it – will modify (like you did, haha) if I feel the need, otherwise, this feels good for me this week. To each his own, right??

      • I think it’s a pretty good plan and honestly, if you are feeling worn out by Friday, then you can take that and Saturday as rest days and be golden on Sunday. I actually ended up resting 2 day before my half. That’s just craziness for me LOL

  2. Tangential. Nice 25cent word on a Monday morning πŸ™‚

    Happy taper! Know that this week your body will get the rest it needs for a great race next week!!

    • I’ve gotten that comment from a few on twitter too – and honestly, this is just a schedule that feels about right for me, and maybe I should’ve called that out in my post. That this is MY way of tapering, but it might not work for everyone, and you should certainly do right by your own body and what it needs. I’m not trying to go “balls out” here, just doing what feels good for me. So let’s hope it plays out that way, hehe πŸ˜‰

  3. I am so excited for you. I know you are going to rock it. It has been awesome to see you grow and come to love running more. Now can I convince you into running a race with me? Maybe even the Tufts 10k, always a great one, better yet just give in and come do the half in vegas – blogger convention is a must!

    • We’ll be running “virtually” together on Sunday – though it’s a bummer that your race starts so much later in the AM! Boo!! But you’ll do great, I have faith that those feet will carry you through! LOL another half?? Let’s get through this one first πŸ˜‰

  4. GET SOME REST! You’ve been uber active and probably could use that downtime. Your body will be well rested for you to ROCK those 13.1.

    p.s. I feel the same way you do – about growing so much as a runner this summer. Love that we have similar journeys going on!

    • I promise you I am – I probably should have pointed out that I took this past Saturday AND Sunday as rest and am taking this coming Saturday as a rest before the half on Sunday too. So trust me, lots of rest going on in there, have no fear!!

      LOVE that you’re growing as a runner, it feels so good doesn’t it??

  5. This is not a taper. It is totally fine to not taper for a half though, but this is a lot of mileage + other workouts (more mileage than I do during the week for marathon training) and readers might not know that this isn’t what a taper week looks like. That said, I think it is fine to do what works best for you!

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Dori – you’re right, this is not “a” taper week, it’s my version of a taper week which probably differs from the traditional definition of a taper. I’m no pro and never claimed to be, just doing what works for me as I’ve always done, absolutely always listening to my body first and foremost. So yeah, let’s call it the EatDrinkBreatheSweat version, shall we? πŸ˜‰

      • I think it’s still considered a taper week. Everyone’s taper is different I think. My taper plan when I did my half actually included 2 4-milers and a 5K as well. I did my weights at the beginning of the week just to be safe. Like I said before – I know you and know that if you end up needing another rest day – Friday is a good day for it.

  6. Um, yes, taper does remind me of tapered jeans!!!! Or candles. lol

    If you ever get the urge to run a half in the late fall, let me know…I know of a beautiful mountainous area in VA that holds one during its very mild fall/winter season. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait to read about what you’re thinking all week…

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