Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (?)

So yeah, when the meteorologist called it a “washout” for the upcoming forecast on Sunday (i.e. RACE DAY), this is the first image that came to mind.

Anyone else LOVE this book growing up??

Throughout training for the half marathon, I never once really considered that it could be a rainy, wet day on race day. I had been bracing myself for the possibility of super humidity and heat but not rain.

I guess I should have known better – especially considering how many times I’ve been caught in the rain this summer during training!

But rather than worry about something that is totally out of my control (as my husband so smartly pointed out last night after my sis texted me about the forecast), I figured I’d make a pros and cons list, y’know just in case the weather guys are right and we are faced with lots of rain on Sunday.

The Pros:

…it’ll feel like I’m running through sprinklers constantly

…it will NOT feel like I’m running through soup (I hope not anyway…gazpacho maybe?)

…I definitely will not overheat <sigh of relief>

…it’ll be a nice distraction as those miles start to add up

…it’ll make for a quasi-peaceful race (don’t ask but running in the rain always feels so cleansing to me, oddly enough)

…since I have run in the rain quite a few times this training cycle, perhaps I’ll have the upper hand on other runners who avoid the rain like the plague.

…it’ll make for some pretty badass post-race pictures.

The Cons:

…um. It’ll feel like I’m running through sprinklers constantly (2 hours in might start to feel a wee bit chilly)

…I *might* not to be able to rock my Lululemon Run shorts (which I wore today and LOVED in case you were wondering)

…the wind *might* slow me down (hopefully the winds are light…trying not to read into the forecast all that much yet)

So after tallying up the pros and cons, the pros *still* outweigh the cons, surprisingly enough. I suppose if I can rock 13.1 in the rain, I can rock any race, am I right? <–this is me giving myself a “who cares if it’s going to rain” pep talk

So yes, I’m still ready to crush this thing, rain or shine – I’m just hoping not to run into any meatballs along the way… (will be testing out the “rain” theory during tomorrow’s short run since we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow too…).