You know you’re a (crazy) runner when…

Borrowing a page from my fellow (crazy) runner friends! (like this girl!)

You know you’re a (crazy) runner when… 

… you routinely route and re-route your next few scheduled runs, playing them over in your head on repeat (works especially well when trying to drift off to sleep at night)

… you don’t immediately nix the idea of running outside this fall/early winter even though it’ll be dark out in the early morning. Anything to avoid the dreadmill.

… you also consider tactics for befriending your dreadmill, mentally putting it on your to-do list for after the clocks change.

…the thought of *not* having wine with dinner on a Saturday night doesn’t seem like such a bummer when a half marathon is on the schedule for the next day.

…you pride yourself on being one of the few runners that aren’t addicted to their Garmin 305 and redoing their iPod playlist about a thousand times a week (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that!!). Call me a low-maintenance runner, relatively speaking!

…you find a real need for special socks to wear while running (what, is that weird?) <–this one is courtesy of my sis!

…your love affair with oatmeal, peanut butter, bananas, and bagel thins hits an all-time high.

…you find yourself faced not with major butterflies everytime you think about the half marathon coming up, and instead have convinced yourself to think of it as *just* another long training run.

…you kinda like (ok, really like) the taste of Clif Shot Blox…sorta reminiscent of Starburst candies (strawberry flavor!)

…you can’t wait to reward yourself with a pair of brand spankin’ new sneaks after the race, from your favorite local running store that fits you to the right shoe every.single.time.

…you see registration reminders for a 25k just weeks after your half marathon and you think “hmm…that’s only a *few* more miles longer than a half…what if?” (for which I totally blame my sister, yes, my SISTER for seeding this thought process in particular…)

But don’t take my word for it – what makes you a (crazy) runner??

29 thoughts on “You know you’re a (crazy) runner when…

  1. Oh love it!! Yes, must have the “right” socks, the right everything really. I am soooo picky about my running shorts it’s not even funny. I almost can get runner’s high thinking about an awesome awesome run – feeling wind and sun, the pavement under my feet, the freedom. Love it. Now, I am tied to my HR monitor. Don’t have a garmin or any GPS gadget though so I’m also addicted to MapMyRun. And even though I know my route and the distance, I STILL remap it. Yes, I’m crazy. 😉

    Cheers to crazy runners!

  2. I love this!
    Gosh, when I was marathon training I used to love getting up Sunday mornings when it was still dark out to get my long run in. Most people enjoy their Sunday mornings in bed…….not me!
    You register for 2 marathons in 2 weeks. You know, because you’re already trained. Hehe.

    • Seriously – I have cherished my long runs on Friday mornings, the cool air, the way the world is just so quiet at that time of day, and suddenly it starts to wake up around you as you run along in your own little haven. It’s just awesome.

      LOL 2 marathons in 2 weeks – makes TOTAL sense, might as well get the most bang for your training buck, right??

  3. Love this!!!

    I knew we were crazy runners when we would get up and out the door at 3am during summer long runs to avoid the heat in Atlanta. And we’re still crazy for getting up during the week to be out the door at 4am!! 🙂

  4. Love this too sis! We’re on the same wavelength (duh), as my post that I am writing today is on running too! Another one: you look forward to a Shot Blox on long run…tasty treat in a way that gets you to the next mile and the next and the next (they do taste like starburst almost!)

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  6. I love that you’re not addicted to the iPod or Garmin. Ditching the extras was the best thing I ever did! And the “runner crazies” reach and all-time high during taper, don’t they?!

    • It’s nice to run “free” – that’s what I love most about running, just me and my sneaks! And you’re right, runner’s high is at it’s peak right about now, I LOVE that feeling SO MUCH!

  7. Ummmm I feel like you pretty much read my mind! I also love the idea that I can really earn my cheat meal on Sunday, especially after a long run. I always get such a runner’s high after a race and sign up for another race immediately after I finish the last! I’m excited for Cross Country coaching and running with the high school kids. It forces me to put in 10 km a week at work! 🙂

  8. ” you routinely route and re-route your next few scheduled runs, playing them over in your head on repeat (works especially well when trying to drift off to sleep at night)”
    I do this every. single. night.

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