Note to self: On the eve of your second half marathon

Note to self: On the eve of your second half marathon…

…this is it. What you’ve been so focused on these last three months. You got this. 

…run hard, run strong, run proud, but most of all: run for you. 

…trust yourself — mentally, you are stronger than you’ve ever been. Harness that feeling, allow your body to go, go, go towards that finish line. 

…have a little fun along the way. It might be rainy (it might not be). Splash in the puddles. High five your fellow runners (your sis and M included). Make Scott keep up with you now and then (gotta keep him on his toes as much as he keeps you on yours — trust me on this, he’ll love it). 

…but most of all: just breathe. You are ready. Own it. Own all 13.1

…and remember, when all else fails: 

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up. ” 
— Dean Karnazes