13.1 in pictures

Wow. To say that I’m feeling the love from all of you after my half marathon would be an understatement. The outpouring of support for me and for my sis has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you. So much. You have no idea how much this means to me (and her).

And wow. I hurt. Everywhere. But it’s a hurt-so-good-kind of hurt – because it means that I worked for all 13.1 of those miles yesterday and man, is my body talking to me today for it!!

And now, for some pictures to showcase the day leading into the race and the race itself…but be prepared for picture OVERLOAD – my mom got some great shots, I had a hard time just picking  a few to share here (she makes a great race day photographer, I must say!).

Pre-race carb-loading, Sutera pizza style. Um, yum.

Pizza dough rising and ready to be sauced and cheesed!

Freshly shredded cheese, nothing better

Farrm fresh salad thanks to Steph!

Rasberry lime "rickey" in a wine glass!

Ohhh the cheesy goodness!!

 Race day – ready to crush it! 

The gang - M, Jo, Me, Steph, Lisa (my sister-in-law who rocked her first half in 2:04) and Scott

Steph, me and Jo – in the porta potty line (ew)

4.5 miles in - waving at my mom, race photographer 'o the day

Jo and M, rockin' and rollin'

Mile 6(ish) laughing at my crazy in-laws cheering us on from the sidelines

Meeting Jo to run with her to the finish...almost there!

Done, done, done (whoa do I like tired here or what??)

Surprise cuddles at the finish with the cutest niece ever ❤

13.1 (pr)oud-er than ever.