13.1 in pictures

Wow. To say that I’m feeling the love from all of you after my half marathon would be an understatement. The outpouring of support for me and for my sis has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you. So much. You have no idea how much this means to me (and her).

And wow. I hurt. Everywhere. But it’s a hurt-so-good-kind of hurt – because it means that I worked for all 13.1 of those miles yesterday and man, is my body talking to me today for it!!

And now, for some pictures to showcase the day leading into the race and the race itself…but be prepared for picture OVERLOAD – my mom got some great shots, I had a hard time just picking  a few to share here (she makes a great race day photographer, I must say!).

Pre-race carb-loading, Sutera pizza style. Um, yum.

Pizza dough rising and ready to be sauced and cheesed!

Freshly shredded cheese, nothing better

Farrm fresh salad thanks to Steph!

Rasberry lime "rickey" in a wine glass!

Ohhh the cheesy goodness!!

 Race day – ready to crush it! 

The gang - M, Jo, Me, Steph, Lisa (my sister-in-law who rocked her first half in 2:04) and Scott

Steph, me and Jo – in the porta potty line (ew)

4.5 miles in - waving at my mom, race photographer 'o the day

Jo and M, rockin' and rollin'

Mile 6(ish) laughing at my crazy in-laws cheering us on from the sidelines

Meeting Jo to run with her to the finish...almost there!

Done, done, done (whoa do I like tired here or what??)

Surprise cuddles at the finish with the cutest niece ever ❤

13.1 (pr)oud-er than ever. 



33 thoughts on “13.1 in pictures

    • Always my dear – I knew you’d love to see them! Gives you a better visual in terms of how the day went down (and the day prior, for that matter…mmm pizza!)

      The crossing with Jo was on my mind as soon as I crossed, I knew I wanted to be there to cheer her on those final few steps. It made for an awesome moment and memory. So proud of her.

  1. Hehehehe, I LOVE these pictures!!!

    1. You’ve got me wanting to learn to make a bangin’ pizza!

    2. Question: I have one knee that gets a little angry with me on occasion…do those strap help??

    3. You all look so fantastic as runners!

    4. I really think it’s a beautiful thing how you both have men that run right there with you. Seriously. SO SO SO beautiful!!!!

    • 1 – come visit and you can have some of our bangin’ pizza 🙂
      2 – I wear them because I had a touch of patellar tendonitis last fall after the half and these are like little “life jackets” for them, keeps the kneecap in place so it doesn’t slide around and cause pain. Where is your knee pain usually?
      3 – yay for happy looking runners LOL
      4 – Scott is amazing. I can’t even begin to describe it and REALLY wish I’d had a camera to capture that beaming gorgeous smile of his during the race. He was beaming with pride and energy and love. I heart him so.

  2. Aww, love this sis. Glad you picked the pics where I am NOT crying at the finish line thankyouverymuch. 😉 I loved seeing Isabel and thank you for running across the finish with me and M, that was much needed…

    • Ha, of course – I’d only pick the best ones, where you look super duper hot. Duh 😉

      Seriously, M is such a rock isn’t he? So glad you have him in your life. He is awesome. And for the record, I LOVED crossing the finish with you, I’m glad I caught you before you got there

    • It was a gorgeous course, despite the rain-ish conditions and the hills…part of the course goes right by the spot where we got married, so it holds an extra special place in my heart 🙂

  3. Congrats! I knew you would do it!!!!! Sorry I didn’t get to wish you luck, I was on vacation…and took one from the blog world as well!!! So happy and proud of you:)

  4. Love this post and all the pictures! Your mom is awesome, and such a great photographer! Such a fun couple of days, and so glad we all had such a great accomplishment. And seeing the pizza again makes my mouth water… See you later!!

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  6. Love this recap and the pictures! Glad you had a few photographers along the course to document your race!

    I can still hear the absolute joy in you for running such a fantastic half! Relish in it – you totally deserve it!!

    • Thank you!! I’ve been reading your comments to Jo on her blog and you are SO spot on with your advice, I LOVE it. Thank you for being such a good bloggy friend to her (and me!)

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