Two days later, ruminations…

Two days, post-PR and my brain is whirring away over here. 

…did I really PR that half marathon, to the tune of 13 minutes faster than the last half?? Holy sh*t I did.

…ouch. Perhaps back-to-back barre n9ne classes last night wasn’t my best idea yet, but it *did* honest-to-God loosen my legs up last night (a certain Heather would laugh but know exactly what I’m talking about here…). Today? Two days later – I hurt everywhere. I’ve always been a two-day-later DOMS kinda girl, so I don’t know why I’m surprised by today’s extra big ouchies. Thank god for rest days (and staycations that involve a mani/pedi date with my sis later today!).

…what’s next, what’s next, what’s next? Just two days later and I’m already wondering what my next challenge can/should be.

…there is one challenge coming up that my sister is concocting (more details on her blog soon!) that I’m especially excited about. But after that? I’m itching for more. Yes, I’m Type-A, thanks for asking.

…but what else lies ahead for me? More barre n9ne epiphanies and learnings while watching and mentoring the 60-day challengers conquer their own 60 days? Yup, you betcha. More runner’s highs and maybe more running milestones? I think so, too. But what else? Hmm…

…two days later, mind whirs on (and dreams on, and on, and on)

(and I really hope I’m not alone in this “what’s next” vibe after completing a challenge or reaching a goal…or am I??)

16 thoughts on “Two days later, ruminations…

  1. Your mind works like mine! I am already concocting my next challenge and my half is still a month away. HA!

    Do you have the whole week off? That’s a nice way to come down after such an awesome accomplishment!

    • exactly – what are you thinking for your “what’s next” challenge??

      And yes, the whole week off and so far it’s been awesome! I haven’t even cared that it’s rained the past two days, I’m getting so much done around the house and lots of relaxing time too – annnnd likely a beach day tomorrow, woohoo! 🙂

      • Hooray for beach days!

        Well, there is a half marathon in January (yes in Chicago) that is intriguing me (it’s so awful it has to be fun, right?) for starters. There is more, but that’s the first thing. Because it’s a really bad idea. But I think I want to do it.

  2. Ya know, I also wonder…where to go from here. I have some ideas, one of which I am obviously posting on later today 😉 can’t wait for the pedi, my feet are atrocious!! Whee 🙂

    • It’s so funny how as soon as one challenge ends, I have immediate ants in my pants for “what’s next” – you’d think I’d want to put my feet up and just chill. Um, nope, guess that’s not an option for me (and you) huh? Weee — t-minus one hour until our pedi’s!!

  3. Oh gosh I am amazed that u got in the classes too. Let’s do a race together. But if I had my vote I would say Vegas lol! Meanwhile do u guys want to dinner we would love to have u or go out

  4. I’m usually planning the next race before I even finish the one “on” the schedule. For example, there’s a full marathon in Denver that I want to train for post-baby to get myself back into shape. See? There I go… Obviously, you’re not alone.

  5. Hehe, you and Heather with your leg-loosening! I’m a 2-days later kinda girl though too, and I know how stiff you can get sitting around. So I reckon some kind of movement is good. Just maybe not back-to-back 😉

    Loved the photos too. And I hope sis is recovering well

  6. Hey lady! I think it’s wonderful that you’re using your “I’ve conquered” energy to really harvest your need for more! It’s awesome! I really like having goals to work toward. If I don’t have anything to look forward to, then I tend to slack way off.

    • I like to have goals too – to be working towards something. I don’t know why, but I’m just no good at sitting around, wonder if that’s the Type A in me, hmm? 😉

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