Yes, I’m ridiculous

….I *think* I’ve found another half marathon to train for.

Yes, I’m ridiculous.

It hasn’t even been a week since the YuKanRun Half Marathon and I’m now itching for another.

Who am I??

This is SO not the “me” after last year’s Wicked Half – I wanted NOTHING to do with 13.1 after that race. But this time is different.

This time I am honestly excited to give 13.1 another run for it’s money. The race this past Sunday gave me confidence in my abilities as a runner and it made me proud.

And hell, if I can simply continue to maintain my mileage this fall and into another half marathon, why not, right? Sort of like one training cycle for the price of two, yeah?

Ridiculous? Yes/No?

So the race I’m looking at? It’s on October 23 in Newburyport which is about 30 minutes from where I live and is beautiful. And after reading this overview of the Green Stride Newburyport Half Marathon – how can you*not* want to sign up for it?

Will This Race Be Awesome?

The race director and his wife have been active in the racing community for years at both the top levels….and the mid pack levels.  This ensures you that they have worked diligiently to make sure that this race is full of awesomeness for all levels of runners.  So, really it should be named “The Awesome Newburyport Half Marathon”, but we’ll let you decide.  In fact it is so awesome, we are totally expecting the dictionary to change the definition of “Awesome” to “the newburyport half marathon” in their next edition.   So, ya.  This is an awesome race.  You should enter it.

Um yeah, an awesome race? An awesome race that also happens to be deemed a “flat and fast” course??

Sign. Me. Up.

Ridiculous Runner (like whoa)

27 thoughts on “Yes, I’m ridiculous

    • I guess I always thought that “those” runners who signed up for a race just after finishing one were just ridiculous, or crazy, or both. But now that I’m one of them?? Um, who knew?!
      And you’re right – part of the allure is that I’m already “trained” for 13.1 so it wouldn’t take much to keep it up through the fall. Feels like a natural progression, somehow.

  1. It’s not ridiculous sis. It’s what you love. Enjoy it. Like I said, i’d be up for training for this race but not running it…equally as fun, right? 😉

    • Ha, very sage advice – I sure cannot even FATHOM having 22 half marathons under my belt! But I guess that’s probably where it all started for you too, huh? Very cool.

  2. i actually think i’m running this one! well i really HOPE to (it’s in the middle of my 2 fall marathons!).

    flat, fast, awesome. twist my arm…..

    so glad you’ve signed up for another half!

  3. Another great one in Newburyport to check out is the All Women and one Lucky Guy 1/2. It’s the same weekend as the NYC marathon – November 6th. It use to be in Maine, but the course was too hilly, so they moved it to MA. My sister and I are running in it. The whole concept is great. The 1 guy that gets to run is picked from a lottery and finds out only a week ahead of time. Lots of great female bonding. Whichever one you choose will be great. Newburyport is GORGEOUS!!! Miles 10-13.1 don’t seems so bad when the scenery is nice!

    • That sounds like a fun race too, what a neat idea!! I’m really excited to run in Newburyport – because you’re right, it is beautiful! And I could use as many scenic distractions as I can get!

  4. There are two half marathons here where I’m at. One’s through downtown Roanoke (the one I’m running in Nov.) and the other is up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it’s a MEAN course. It’s through the mountains…and might be something I’d do one day. IF I do well with this one.

    I’m backin’ you all the way, Jess!

  5. I meant to comment on your previous post. I just signed up for my first half marathon with some friends for college. I’ve only done a few 5ks, but I am so excited to see how I do with my first half.

    With training, I already feel amazing. My half marathon is on November 12th in Richmond. 🙂

    You’ll do great!! Good Luck!!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I think that’s so very cool – to run your first half with some of your friends, training together is the best part. Such a fun support system and it makes those longer runs a little bit more bearable too 🙂 So excited for you!

  6. Ahhh, you’ve caught the race bug! Isn’t it contagious and awesome?! Welcome to the club! And btw – so excited that you have another race to bling for! 🙂

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