Plotting and planning

So apparently a ‘staycation’ in my book involves lots and lots of “things” and not very much down time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of lounging this week too – this picture is proof of that:

But it’s also given me plenty of time to sit back and ponder, plot and plan.

There’s been lots of cleaning, organizing (buh-bye FIVE bags of clothes to goodwill from my closet and Scott’s combined) and prepping. For Scott’s new job that starts on Monday (YAY!!!) and for my return to work with a renewed and refreshed focus (I hope!) and getting back to what I love – barre n9ne and running. While I have definitely fit in some great workouts this week, it’s been more of what I’d call an “active recovery” week – a term I use loosely, haha.;-)

So what have I been plotting and planning? Well – what’s front and center in my mind is the next half marathon (that I have yet to officially register for but I will be doing so on Monday – Scott challenged me to “wait and be patient” and to register on Monday so I’m trying very hard to obey, not something I’m used to doing, waaaay too stubborn for my own good!).

The big question for me – how how do I want to train or continue to train for the Green Stride race in October?

What it comes down to is this. I’m pretty well trained now and simply want to keep my legs happy and conditioned for the two months. Yes, that means training, but I use that term “training” rather loosely this time (there’s that phrase again!).

For one – it’s getting darker in the AM and with Scott’s new schedule, we’ll be running around 5am in the morning which means a largely dark AM run from now on (*sniff!* summer please don’t leave me!!). And given what time he’s got to be out the door, our weekday runs will be limited to the 4-5ish mile range for the most part.

So what I’m thinking is this:
– For the next few weeks, we’ll do 2-3 runs during the week in the 4-5 mile range with a “longer” run on Saturday in the 6-7ish mile range.
– From there, we’ll continue our fairly shorter weekday running but turn that longer run on Saturday into progressively longer runs – mainly in the 8’s or so until about a month before the race.
– Pause for our return to wine country in mid-September (wine country three-peat baby!!) where any running we fit in will be short, very short.
– Upon our return, kick it up a notch – get back into the double-digits for our long runs
– And before we know it, race day will be here.

See? Doesn’t that seem nice and loose and kinda fun?? Especially since I’ll still be embracing my love of barre n9ne throughout (I *am* a barre n9ne spokesmodel afterall, haha). I’m thinking the next two months are going to be just as fit and fun and balanced as the last two. (I say “balanced” because I’m pretty sure those 2 rest days a week will still be part of the equation this fall…who am I???).

So yeah, that’s where my brain has been wandering in between bouts of relaxation and fun this past week. And with that…I’m ready to live the sh*t out of the rest of this week and weekend, starting with some sushi and wine tonight with my love. *cheers!!*

18 thoughts on “Plotting and planning

  1. That is a great way of looking at it sis and semi-planning (loosely, of course). But you forgot one thing. What about my #13.1rundate? hmmm? 😉 I would love to follow a similar regime anyway, a few runs during the week, return to Saturday runs once the weather cools (and some barre n9ne Saturday classes!) to keep some semblance of mileage going too. Maybe I’ll ‘virtually’ run this race with you…and at least come and cheer you on 🙂

    • Well duh, the 13.1 redux is a given, totally IN for that! But you’re right, I probably should have called it out in my quasi-“plan” huh? 😉

      And don’t forget – we’ll be doing our weekly rundate’s this fall still – Thursdays, be there or be square (where did that phrase even come from btw, makes no sense!).

      I think you should totally do the virtual 13.1 with me on race day, how cool would that be?? Racing but not, I love it!

  2. Sounds like a terrific, slow n’ steady plan. Perfect! I really am hoping to run this one (my friend Sharon at is running it too!) so I will keep you posted! 🙂

    And since we seem to be running around the same paces, let’s definitely meet up next time I’m home!


    • LOVE IT! So cool that you and your friend (whose blog I must check out!) are running this race. I’m definitely signing up..y’know, tomorrow – just like I promised the hubs. 😉
      Would love to meet up next time you’re home!!

  3. I think you have a good plan. I run a couple of shorter runs during the week and go long on the weekends as well. If you don’t already have one, you may want to invest in a headlamp to use when it starts getting darker. Hope to see you when you return to Wine Country!

  4. woohoo Newburyport! We will have to plan to meet up somehow 🙂 i’m also SUPER depressed about summer ending. I am totally loving the long daylight hours for running after work!


    • I’d LOVE to meet up with you at some point, how fun would that be? REALLY excited about this race- and guess what? It’s Monday which means I can officially register! 🙂

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