Happiness is….(summertime edition)

Happiness is…(summertime edition)

…a week-long “staycation” with my love.

…a couple of days spent beach-side.

...cuddles from the cutest niece ever.

…wine and prosecco, obvs.

(pre-dinner drinks at a local restaurant right on the water…)

(Drinks on the deck, a la Sutera Manor)

…small victories that make this girl smile big, like so:

(that small victory? While shopping…fitting into a pants size I never thought I’d see..big smiles…)

…wrapping up an awesome staycation week, double-date style with this girl and her man, where we’ll be cheers-ing to “new beginnings.” All of which starts tomorrow – me back to work, Scott off to week-long orientation before the new job kicks into high gear, and my sis thisclose to moving in with the love of her life.

Good things are happening around these parts. And that makes me smile biggest of all.


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