Back at it

Well, it’s Monday.
Which means one of two things:

1 – It’s back to work after a week off (oof)
2 – It’s time to kick those workouts back up after a recovery-ish week last week, post half marathon.

So, being the genius that I am (you can take that one with a grain of salt, ha!), I decided to switch things up a bit on the running front. You’ll never guess where I took my run this morning.

To the dreadmill.

Yup, you heard me right. The dreadmill.

Two reasons for that (sensing a pattern here…):
1 – Scott’s first day of orientation is today. He’s even MORE of an early-to-everything person than me and didn’t want to risk a run beforehand. Nothing worse than being late your first day on the new job. I can’t really blame him for that one, now can I?
2 – Since I was running partner-less and didn’t want to face a darker run solo, I figured hell, let’s give intervals a shot today. It’s been quite awhile since I last tackled those. And hell, if it’ll help me speed up a bit for the half marathon in October, I’m all for it. 😉

So I did. And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was making them out to be in my head while I talked myself into getting out and upstairs to my treadmill.

Here’s what I’m calling my 30 mins in-out-and-done intervals (it’s a variation of this workout, actually):

Warm up: 3 minutes easy walk or jog (4 mph) 

1st Set
3 minute tempo run (6.5 )
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.5, 6, 7.5)
3 minute tempo run (6.7)

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

2nd Set
3 minute tempo run (6.7)
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 min., jog 1 min, sprint 1 min.)
(7.5, 6, 7.5)
3 minute tempo run (7)

Recovery: 2 minute walk or jog (4)

3rd Set
2 minute tempo run (7)
2 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute, jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (8, 6, 8 )
2 minute tempo run (7)

Cool down:
2 minute walk or jog (4)

Sweaty. Fast. Good. Happy camper over here. Ready to tackle Monday before heading off to barre n9ne tonight for barre n9ne barre method class at 7:15. (wee!)

8 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. Glad the intervals were a success, sis! I’ll have to learn to love them and the dreadmill this winter. Wimper! Can’t wait for barre n9ne tonight!

    • I’m glad it wasn’t horrendous, to be honest. I was so worried that the second I set foot on that treadmill, that it would be miserable. It wasn’t. So that’s a good sign for this winter, I think/hope?? SO hate even uttering that “w” word. I heart summer!!

  2. That’s kind of cool to do intervals on the threadmill, great for when the weather gets yuck in wintertime. I’m super excited for Cathe’s new workouts, I treated myself to a Cathe’s turbo tower.

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