Focus (the little things)

One of the (many) things that barre n9ne has shown me is focus.

focusing on form during class (core engaged, hips tucked up and under, eyes fixed on that mirror)

focusing on less is more (running + barre is proof that “less is more” in the form of a focused workout regime just works.)

focusing on moments. Moments in class when things just click. When that leg shake that happens at the barre is something I work for versus stopping just short of the shake.

But that focus on moments has also extended to running (I’ll get to that in a minute) and everyday “little things” that make an otherwise mundane day seem just a wee bit brighter.

Little things like the woman at Starbucks on Monday who stopped me in my haste to get out the door and on the road to say that my dress was awesome and where did I get it. Or the woman in the hall at work – a woman I’ve never spoken to in my life – who said that very same dress was great, so “classic.”  Or coming home after barre n9ne on Monday and on Tuesday to dinner on the table and a smiling husband ready to burst with the details of his first few days of new hire orientation. The smile on his face is seared in my brain. So proud.

Or today – running at dark o’clock, focusing (on moments):

…setting foot out the door in the dark, sort of dreading the run ahead. Which quickly changed as we got moving, in the near silence that surrounded us. The sounds of our feet on the pavement the only thing keeping us company. Blissfully quiet. 

…turning the corner down the hill and around the bend and spying a brilliant orange and pink sunrise just peeking up over the horizon. Seeing the way those colors bounced off the glass-like water like a mirror. Worth the 5am dark wake-up call to see that. So worth it. 

…watching and listening as the world stirred from slumber. At first, just the sounds of our feet and a few peepers chattering away. And then, the birds start to chirp, a couple of cars start up in driveways as we pass by. A biker whizzes by. Awake.

…feeling my legs, back, core, arms all very sore from barre n9ne but in the best possible way. Proud that that sore body was carrying me through a fast-paced run, faster than I expected us to go. Envisioning that finish line again coming up on Oct 24. Ready.

…and remembering, out of the blue, my old running mantra from way back when I first started to run… “start strong, just finish.” And thinking that that phrase doesn’t fit anymore. Instead – “Start strong, enjoy the journey…the finish is worth it.” Suits me so much better today.

All of this, these thoughts on focus, on moments, on little things. I would have simply whipped through my morning without a second thought. But just having that focused mindset, and all of this came to me during our run today. All because I focused. On moments. On little things.

Imagine if we all did that more often. Every single day. No more rushing through the day. Missing out on moments. Give it a try. I bet you’ll be as surprised as me what focus can open your eyes to.